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Taxi and transfer from Ikaria Island National Airport (JIK)

Ikaria Island is a perfect choice for those travelers, who search for an island that is different from the rest ones thanks to original nature. The island seems to be saturated with the atmosphere of ancient myths and secrets: when you walk along its beaches, you almost feel like present at the moment when famous Icarus lost his wings. You can reach Ikaria Island by air transport: the flights come regularly to Ikaria Island National Airport. To reach the city, choose the means of transportation to your taste: a bus (summer season only), taxi service (available during airport working hours only) or request for other transfer services.

Ikaria Island National Airport

Ikaria Island National Airport is the International airport just in 12 kilometers from Agios Kirikos, in close vicinity to the Aegean Sea. The airport started to operate on June 14, 1995. It was named after a mythological hero Icarus. The airline Olympic Air provides the connection for the island: the flights to Athens are available all year round; to any other big city or island – in the summer season only. The charter flights from European cities operate on the same ground. The airport is able to place only light aircraft.

Airport terminals

The airport has got only one terminal. Its general area of storage is 1000 square meters. The runaway length of the airport is 1380 meters; width – 30 meters.

Contacts and Hours of Work

Full name:

  1. Greek: Ο Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Ικαρίας «Ίκαρος».
  2. English: Ikaria Island National Airport.

Code of the airport:


Website (Russian-language):

Tel: +30 22750 - 32216
Fax: +30 22750 - 32218
Address: Ikaria Island National Airport, 83300, FAROS IKARIAS.

Working hours:

Mon: 6.30-8.00, 12.30-16.30.

Tue: 14.30-16.30.

Wed: 10.30-16.30.

Thu: 12.00-16.30.

Fri: 12.00-14.30.

Sat: 10.30-14.00.

Sun: 12.30-16.30.

The cost of transfer from Ikaria Island National Airport

Outside the airport, you can find taxi and bus facilities for quick transportation to the city center.


In the area of arrival, you can see the taxi service, which operates in the same hours as the airport. To estimate the cost of the trip to/from the airport, you can visit the following website:

Remember! During Easter and other big public holidays, the traffic on the island gets increased. To search for transfer facilities on these days is extremely difficult.


You can easily avoid problems, which are connected with a search of the car that will give you a lift from the airport to the desired destination if take care about a transfer in advance. There will be no need to look for free seats, worry about safety and comfort as if compared to public transport like buses.

How to book a transfer online

If you wish to leave a request for a transfer on our website, first you have to choose the necessary language at the top of the page. After that, input the data in English: the name of the airport and the place of arrival. It is also necessary to indicate the flight number, because the transfer monitors aircraft’s arrival, and will meet you even if the plane is delayed or comes earlier. Further, you will have to choose the date and the time of arrival, the number of passengers coming, the class of the vehicle (various classes of vehicles for different purposes are available), and type your personal details.

Advantages of transfer from Aktis.Taxi

Why you should request our transfer service? The answer is rather simple: nobody else will offer you so many benefits as we do!

  • Russian-speaking chauffeur;

  • free Wi-Fi;

  • extra facilities and services for free (like the baby seat);

  • a diverse choice of vehicles of any class;

  • help with luggage (if needed);

  • you will be met at the area of arrival with a personal name board.

The island, which is located in one of the five parts of the world, relating to “the blue zone” (the area with the longest life expectancy), invites you to enjoy a full life in Greece during vacation. The Aktis.Taxi will certainly provide the best facilities for a pleasurable trip!

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