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Taxi and transfer from Kasos Island Public Airport KSJ

Kasos is the southernmost island of Dodecanese. It played an important role in the Greek revolution of 1821. It is a rocky area, which provides another kind of standards and experience, which are not inherent to mass tourist destinations. There is one airport on the island. The only way to get to the nearest city from the airport is by taxi. In this case, a timely booked transfer is a true rescue from long queues and service of poor quality.

Kasos Island Public Airport

Kasos Island Public Airport is set 4 kilometers from Fry, the capital of the island. Its main activities are air transportation and aviation ramp. The airport building was built in 1983. Kasos Airport has air connection with Athens, Karpathos, Rhodes, and Sitia. The planes, currently available at travelers’ disposal, have a limited number of places. You should book the tickets in advance, especially in the summer season and on public holidays.

Airport terminals

The airport currently has just one terminal. Its total area is 120 square meters. However, at present, you may observe the construction works of the new terminal, whose total area will be 500 square meters.

Contacts and Hours of Work

Full name:

  1. Greek: Ο Δημοτικός Αερολιμένας Κάσου
  2. English: Kasos Island Public Airport

Codes of the airport:


Tel: 22450 - 41587
Fax: 22450 - 42722
Telex: 292537 LGKS GR
Administrative office:
Tel.: 22450 - 41587
Fax: 22450 - 42722
Hours of Work:

Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat 8.00-13.30
Tue day-off
Fri 14.30-19.00
Sun 9.00-13.30

Transfer costs from Kasos Island Public Airport

The automobile link between the airport and the nearby settlements is possible thanks to taxi facilities. The island has rocky terrain. It is the main reason why all the roads on Kasos Island wind through the sharp hills and the mountains. The transfer cost may vary. It all depends on the complexity of the desired direction.


Taxi drivers will tell you the approximate cost of the trip. However, it can differ considerably from the previously stated one. The cars leave much to be desired. More often people are offered to choose old cars, which need reparation. In addition, even such taxis are hard to find, especially during busy summer months.


Transfer facilities differ greatly from the usual taxi service. When you book a transfer beforehand, there is no need to wait for a car and roam about the airport area with the entire hard luggage. It is up to you to choose the type of a vehicle, include a child seat for free or a select a Russian-speaking chauffeur, who can help both with luggage and check-in into the hotel.

How to book a transfer online

A simple interface of our website makes it possible to do a quick booking. If necessary, you should choose the language at the top of the page, after that, enter the departure location and the destination in English. Keep on following the instructions: choose the date, time, the number of passengers, and a type of the vehicle (cars to all tastes available). Then, type the flight number and leave personal details, including e-mail, for which you will get booking confirmation. After the booking confirmation, start packing suitcases.

What are the advantages of a transfer from Aktis. Taxi?

Perhaps, you have heard about such situations, when people came to foreign countries for holidays and didn’t know what to do after arrival. They had no idea about transportation about the city and to their hotel as well. Moreover, crying children, heavy luggage and constant nerves turned the first day into a great failure. If you wish to avoid similar confusion, you prefer comfortable transportation, the presence of a Russian-speaking driver and the availability of a baby seat is one of the main features for you - Aktis.Taxi is the exact option you need! What will you get with us? Loyal charges, set from the time of booking, the final payment is done at the end of the trip only, comfortable vehicle with modern facilities, and Russian-speaking chauffeurs – all that and even more is provided, when you book our transfer.

The Aktis.Taxi transfer makes you feel endless pleasure from the very first step made onto the island. It takes care of the first impression, comfortable transportation and well-being of visitors.

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