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Popular destinations

Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Thessaloniki City
Location Distance 183 km
€ 191
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Kozani
Location Distance 65 km
€ 90
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Ioannina
Location Distance 158 km
€ 217
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Metsovo
Location Distance 114 km
€ 157
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Ptolemaida
Location Distance 57 km
€ 79
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Argos Orestiko
Location Distance 3 km
€ 36
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Karditsa
Location Distance 174 km
€ 240
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Igoumenitsa Ferry Port
Location Distance 219 km
€ 302
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Trikala
Location Distance 145 km
€ 200
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Larissa
Location Distance 176 km
€ 243
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Igoumenitsa
Location Distance 220 km
€ 303
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Preveza
Location Distance 247 km
€ 313
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Edessa
Location Distance 146 km
€ 201
Kastoria Airport Aristotelis KSO - Florina
Location Distance 77 km
€ 106
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Taxi and transfer from Kastoria National Airport “Aristotelis” KSO

Kastoria is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities found in Northern Greece. This area boasts of having exquisite nature and a long eventful history. It astonishes travelers in all ways. Kastoria is a perfect place for the acquaintance with magic Greek winter. However, together with beauty and joy, the Greek winter also brings a lot of transport issues connected with mountainous relief. You are highly recommended not to check how lucky you are – just book a comfortable transfer that will get you into the necessary place without any difficulties!

Kastoria Airport “Aristotelis”

You can find Kastoria National Airport “Aristotelis” just in 500 meters from the city of Argos Orestiko and 12 kilometers from Kastoria, the capital of prefecture. Every week you can enjoy regular flights from Astra Airlines to Athens. The airport bears the name of the great ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Airport terminals

There is only one terminal in the airport. Its total area is 1000 square meters. The airstrip was reconstructed and widened in accordance with the international norms. This renovation ensures a possibility to accommodate large aircraft.

Contacts and Hours of Work

Full name:

  1. Greek: Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Καστοριάς «Αριστοτέλης»
  2. English: Kastoria National Airport «Aristotelis»

Codes of the airport:

Call-center +30 24670 - 21700
Fax +30 24670 - 41888

Address: 52200 Argos Orestikon Kastoria, Greece.

Administrative office:
Тел.: +30 24670-21701

Hours of Work:

Mon, Wed, Thu: 8.15-14.00.

Tue: 9.15-15.00.

Fri: day off.

Sat: 10.00-14.00.

Sun: 9.00-13.00.

The cost of a transfer from Kastoria Airport “Aristotelis”

Local buses provide a connection between the airport and the city. You have to note that they usually run once every half hour. The fare is 1 euro. To take a taxi or book a transfer is not any more expensive, but you will definitely get more comfort and reach the city quicker than by bus.


The cost of the trip from the airport “Aristotelis” to the heart of Kastoria is approximately 5 euro. Local mountainous relief is not always suitable for those old cars, which are on taxi service. In addition, nobody will provide you with extra amenities like a seat for a child. Most of the taxi cars need reparation, while their drivers could hardly speak English to provide the necessary information if needed.


When you book a transfer, you are aware of the facilities available for the clients beforehand. A driver will meet you in all weathers so that you do not have to look for a booked vehicle throughout the airport area. The help with luggage and a seat for a child will be provided for free. There are no prepayments. The final payment is done upon the end of the trip.

How to book a transfer online

If you are afraid of booking services online because of a complicated procedure, Aktis Taxi will help you allay all the fears. The first thing you should do is to enter the starting and final points of the trip (in English). After that, you will be offered to input the date and the time of arrival. You can also choose the desired class of a vehicle. At the end of the procedure, leave your contacts. A letter with booking confirmation will be sent onto your e-mail.

What are the benefits of a transfer from Aktis. Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is a transfer, which provides not only a possibility to travel like a queen or a king but also an opportunity to save money. In some cases, the price of a transfer is the same as the taxi service offer. However, with Aktis Taxi you will get a diverse spectrum of facilities as well as better quality of the vehicles. We offer a new vehicle fleet that meets all trends of modern comfort. Moreover, you should not pay for the extra amenities provided. Upon arrival, you will be met by a Russian-speaking driver, who will provide you with the necessary help. The final payment is done in any convenient way at the end of the trip. Take a notice that passengers get to know the final price of the trip when making a booking.

Book a transfer from Aktis Taxi to enjoy a marvelous vacation since the very first step! It is a transfer for those people, who take care of the comfort of their family and beloved people.

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