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Transfer and taxi from Kozani National Airport “Filippos”

The travelers, who decide to travel by air, at least once in their life feel concern connected with transportation from the airport into the necessary place. It doesn’t matter whether the airport building is huge or small (like Kozani) - this feeling somehow plays tricks with our mind. You might say that this problem is especially relevant if visit small airports. The only way out of its area is, of course, by taxi, which is hard to find. To request a taxi from the city, you will have to pay extra fees. The best solution in such a situation is to take care of transportation in advance and book a transfer. It will come on time and offer you to travel with comfort and save costs significantly.

Kozani Filippos Airport (KZI)

Kozani National Airport “Filippos” peacefully nestles in Petra. The settlement lies in 4 kilometers southeast from the city of Kozani, at an altitude of 634 meters. “Filippos” is the part of Greek air force. It has been operated as the airport of civil aviation since the 1950s. The airfield was originally set up after to provide service for the military aircraft during and after the Second World War.

The Astra Airlines Company that is based in Thessaloniki ensures air connection for the route Athens – Kozani – Kastoria.

Airport terminals

The airport building has got only one terminal. It occupies the area of 400 square meters. Unfortunately, the airport does not have enough technical facilities to accommodate large aircraft.

Contacts and hours of work

Full name:

  1. Greek: Ο Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Κοζάνης «Φίλιππος»
  2. English: Kozani National Airport "Filippos"

Codes of the airport:


Postal address: Kozani National Airport "Filippos", 286, 50100, Kozani.
Call-center: 24610 - 36098
Fax: 24610-27054
Telex: 215238 LGKZ GR

Hours of work:

Mon, Wed, Thu: 08.15-13.15.

Tue: 08.15-14.00.

Fri: day off.

Sat: 08.15-13.00.

Sun: 08.15-13.45.

The Cost of Transfer from Kozani National Airport

The taxi service is usually in charge of visitors’ transportation from the airport. The service operates has the same hours of work as the airport does. The fee for the shuttle by taxi is not very high, but the quality leaves much to be desired.


You can find a taxi stand outside the airport’s area. On low season you will not have a problem with finding a car, but the prices are intentionally put up to cover the out-of-service time. In autumn, when the tourists come for the carnival in Kozani, the traffic gets worse and you have to waste priceless time for search of a taxi vehicle. And that’s not all, the cost immediately grows because of the popularity of the route as well as lack of vehicles on service. Taxi drivers do not pay much attention to the level of comfort in their cars. They think a vehicle to be the only means of transportation to the city. Everything is simple: passengers do not have any other choice!


You can avoid all the difficulties mentioned above if book a transfer online. In fact, you get the same facility. However, the price is lower and the level of comfort is far above. A transfer, ordered beforehand, guarantees you 100% expectation at the necessary place at a given time. In addition, the out-of-service time, traffic jams and any other situations won’t cause changes on the final payment. It stays the same in spite of any matters. The price also includes such extra amenities as help with the luggage and a seat for a child for free!

How to book a transfer online

To place an order on our website, choose the necessary language. After that, fill out the corresponding lines with the point of departure and the destination in English. Then, you will be offered to choose the type of vehicles available in the region. In case if there is no car of desired class available at the moment, you can leave a request. Within two working days, we will solve the task and let you know. To end the booking, you have to leave personal data and e-mail to get a letter of booking confirmation. Mind that we do not take any prepayments!

Advantages of Transfer from Aktis.Taxi

Let’s find out the benefits you get if book our transfer!

  1. A driver who speaks your language.

  2. Help with the luggage upon necessity.

  3. Complete assistance up to check-in.

  4. You will be met in the airport arrival zone by a driver.

  5. A diverse choice of vehicles.

  6. Comfortable conditions.

  7. Final payment upon arrival to the desired location.

  8. Extra facilities for free.

If you wish to avoid any difficulties with transportation in the foreign country, you should take care of it in advance. Book our transfer and enjoy the comfortable trip and the best services!

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