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Popular destinations

Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Tavari Beach
Location Distance 84 km
€ 90
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Sigri
Location Distance 96 km
€ 103
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Mytilini
Location Distance 8 km
€ 18
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Pirgi Thermis
Location Distance 19 km
€ 22
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Skala Sikamineas
Location Distance 57 km
€ 68
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Neapoli
Location Distance 3 km
€ 18
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Mithymna
Location Distance 67 km
€ 80
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Skala Eresou
Location Distance 93 km
€ 100
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Skala Kallonis
Location Distance 49 km
€ 59
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Anaxos Skoutarou
Location Distance 64 km
€ 76
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Petra
Location Distance 63 km
€ 75
Mytilene Airport Odysseas Elytis MJT - Agios Isidoros
Location Distance 44 km
€ 52
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Transfer and Taxi from Mytilene International Airport (on Lesbos Island)

The island of Lesbos or Mytilene welcomes you with a broad smile and invites to take an adventure full of romantics and spirit of past times. The island is a motherland of Sappho, an archaic Greek poet known by her lyric poetry. If you wish to examine local sights as quickly as possible, you should better book a transfer and start enjoying the delights of comfortable transportation without extra expenses.

Mytilene International Airport “Odysseas Elytis”

Mytilene International Airport “Odysseas Elytis” is settled on Lesbos, just 8 kilometers from the city of Mytilene, found in Krategos region. In 1948 the island got its own building of the airport. The first direct flight managed to travel from it to Europe in 1980. After such a great success, Mytilene Airport accommodated dozens of aircraft coming from all over Europe every summer.

The airdrome was named after a Greek poet Odysseas Elytis, the Nobel Prize Laureate, who comes from Lesbos and is thought to be the notable Greek poet.

The airfield is also used as a location of the Greek Air Force. Its staff owns specially designated offices, provided by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Airport terminals

The building of a terminal comprises the surface area of 3000 square meters. There is also a landing strip, whose length is 2406 meters, while the width is 45 meters. During the years of its existence, the terminal covered the area of only 368 square meters. Since those times it has undergone several modernizations and broadened its total area. There is a café-bar, a duty-free shop, and car rental offices in it.

Contacts and Hours of Work

Full name:

  1. Greek: Ο Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Μυτιλήνης «Οδυσσέας Ελύτης»
  2. English: Mytilene International Airport «Odysseas Elytis»

Airport codes:


Address: Kavetsou 44, 811 00, Mytilene, GREECE

Tel: +30 22510 - 38700
Fax: +30 22510 - 61730
Contact form:

Official website of the airport:


Hours of work:

Mon: 6.00-22.00.

Tue: 6.15-22.40.

Wed – Sun: 6.00-22.40.

The Cost of Transfer from Mytilene International Airport

The airport is serviced by public transport service and taxi. The nominal ticket price for a bus is 2 euro. However, there is no fixed schedule for it. The approximate cost for a trip by taxi from the airport to the heart of Mytilene city is 9 - 10 euro including baggage.


The price of a trip by taxi is based on many factors. In addition to the fixed cost of transportation, you will have to face unexpected surprises like extra charges for the weight of luggage and the number of passengers. It is also worth pointing that not all of the taxi drivers speak English or any other language except Greek. Name the necessary address maximum correctly. Otherwise, the driver will give you a lift to the opposite direction, what will lead to extra expenses.


Transfer facilities from Aktis.Taxi provide a stress-free trip and save your nerves. The cost of a transfer includes total distance and a price for a certain class of a vehicle. There is nothing more you should pay for! You will be provided with a car seat for a child of different configurations, help with information and luggage for free. If there is a traffic jam on the route from the airport you do not have to worry either: no extra charges will be applied. Our company holds a regular tracking and is aware of any changes and delays in the airport schedule. You can count on the full support as well as meeting at the airport with a name-tag.

How to Book a Transfer Online?

If you wish to make a booking for a transfer, you should visit our website. Look at the top of the main page. There you can see a language menu, spaces to be filled with route names, dates of departure and arrival, a number of adult passengers, children, and infants. After you fill out all the necessary columns, you will be directed to a page with the choice of vehicles. You will be offered to have a look at the car fleet available in the region and the corresponding prices for each of them. If you search for a vehicle of a certain class, which is not available in the listing, you can leave a request. After that, choose the most suitable means of transportation, leave your contacts, indicate the flight number and confirm reservation via letter that will be sent onto your e-mail.

Advantages of Aktis.Taxi Transfer

If you order a transfer online at our website, you get a number of advantages. What are they? Read to find out:

  • a door-to-door service and information support during the trip;
  • meeting in the hall of arrivals by a chauffeur with a name-tag;
  • flight tracking, control of the flight delay and changes in the airport schedule;
  • help with the baggage;
  • modern vehicles and polite professional staff;
  • final payment at the end of a journey;
  • the cost is set stone when you make a booking, no hidden payments.

A transfer booked from Aktis.Taxi offers a bit of pleasure for everyone. Get acquainted with local attractions offered by the ancient island. Turn this breathtaking experience into a good remembrance both in your heart and family album.

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