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Taxi and Transfer from Paros National Airport

Paros is a perfect destination that is ideal for any kind of a relaxing holiday. The island is the third largest island in the group of Cyclades islands. Within its magic environment, you feel the natural beauty interconnected with history. The transportation about Paros becomes easy and pleasurable thanks to a transfer that will carry you into any desired destination. The bus service and taxi significantly give way to this means of transportation.

Paros National Airport

You can find Paros National Airport in the region of Alyki, just 9 kilometers south from the port of Parikia, which is located in the southwestern area of the island. The flights to Paros usually come from Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to get on the island by air.
The airport started to carry out the flights on October 5, in 1982. In 1989 it got the status of national.

Airport terminals

Originally, Paros Airport was rather small and included only one terminal. After reconstruction held in 1987, the terminal building got one extra floor. The same year, it was renovated to house the offices of Civil Aviation Authority and a meteorological station.

In 2016 the airfield changed its physical address and was shifted to the western part of Paros. A new place of residence provided it with many opportunities like a new hall of 1400 meters long and the diverse infrastructure. On July 26, 2016, the airport buildings were officially opened under the participation of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Nowadays, the airport’s total area provides more space to place a larger number of both passengers and aircraft.

Contacts and hours of work

Full name:

  1. Greek: Ο Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Πάρου
  2. English: Paros National Airport

Codes of the Airport:


Tel: +30 22840 - 90510
Fax: +30 22840 - 28775
Postal address: Paros National Airport, 84400, ALYKI, PAROS, CYCLADES



Hours of work:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat: 8.15-15.00, 16.20-17.30.

Wed: 8.15-13.30, 16.25-17.30.

Fri, Sun: 8.15-11.40, 15.10-17.30.

The Cost of Transfer from Paros National Airport

The airport ensures a link to the cities of Parikia and Punta via bus service, whose lines start to operate in 15 minutes after landing of a new plane. Taxi service is another means of transportation you can choose to reach any destination on the island. The price for a trip by taxi may greatly vary because of extra services and help provided for extra cost.


Within the area of Paros’s airfield, you can see a taxi stand. The working hours of both the airport and taxi service coincide. The approximate cost you have to pay to get into the city of Parikia is 20 euro. However, the price may vary upon different matters. First of all, it plays an essential role whether the road has no busy traffic. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the time spent in a traffic jam. Secondly, taxis submit strict Greek rules, according to which the cars leave due to the queue. In other words, you cannot choose a car or a driver you wish. In addition, get ready to deal with your luggage on your own, because the driver will hardly help you with it. Furthermore, you will be very lucky if there is a person who knows at least a few words in English to consult you.


The way things are with transfer facilities is much easier than taxi service offers. You can book the exact vehicle you need: of the desired model and parameters. You can also choose a driver, who speaks your language and will ensure the necessary help when you ask for it. There is no need to search for a requested vehicle on a parking lot – you will be met directly in the area of arrivals with a special name-tag. The quality of services offered by a transfer is much higher if compared with a city taxi. In addition, you are notified about the cost of a trip right after a transfer booking. No prepayments or hidden charges will be applied. The only things you pay for are the distance to a destination and a class of a vehicle. Mind that the fee is charged at the very end of a trip.

How to Book a Transfer Online?

If you wish to make a booking for a transfer on our website, you have to go ahead a few simple steps. First of all, fill out the empty fields at the top of the page. Enter the place of arrival and the destination (in English). Mark the date in the calendar and write down a number of passengers. Next, choose the necessary class of a vehicle (you will see those ones, which are now available on service). The price for each type of car will be shown right next to a type. When you are ready to confirm an order, do not forget to leave personal details and mention the flight number. After that check your e-mail box and make a confirm booking via the answer.

Here are the Advantages of Transportation with Aktis.Taxi

The cooperation with the company Aktis.Taxi will help you save from 15 to 20% per trip. It is not a big surprise, when you pay for actually provided service (transportation) and do not overpay for extra amenities like a car seat, etc. When you see that the price for a transfer and taxi service coincides – think twice: no facilities provided by taxi are able to compete with the level of care and support our company provides customers with.

What bonuses are you guaranteed with Aktis.Taxi?

  • a driver will meet you at the airport with your name attached to the board with logo Aktis.Taxi;
  • you pay for the mileage only;
  • you enjoy a trip on a well-maintained vehicle with air-conditioning;
  • use the help of a multilingual driver for free;
  • make a final payment upon arrival into the necessary place.

A comfortable transfer, specified in advance, provides a brilliant opportunity to receive pleasure from holidays in the country of your dream!

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