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Transfer and Taxi from Sitia Airport Vikentios Kornaros (JSH)

Sitia is an idyllic hideaway in Greece, an inspiring place for poets, a mystique area for pirate treasure and a brilliant option for a family vacation or romantic honeymoon.

Imagine a relaxing escape on the island of Crete: the sun shining brightly in the blue sky, radiant sea, breathtaking stories, and legends – seem to be told by nature itself. The atmosphere of Sitia guarantees you a breathtaking adventure: enjoy the local history through the Archaeological Museum of Sitia and the ruins of the old city on one side and modern amenities of a transfer that will carry you into any place on the ancient island on the other side.

Sitia Public Airport “Vitsentzos Kornaros”

Travelers can find the airfield in 1 kilometer north-northwest from the heart of Sitia, directly on the top of the hill. It started to ensure air connection in 1984. In 2015 the building got the name of Vitsentzos Kornaros, a Cretan poet, who originates from Sitia. He is thought to be one of the leading figures in the Cretan Literature and the author of the poem “Erotokritos”.

The airfield can accommodate small planes and aircraft of medium size. Furthermore, it can receive charters and private planes.

Airport terminals

The building of a new terminal was opened in 2016. It covers the area of 7.500 square meters. This location is also accessible for handicapped people and provides a wide spectrum of services.

There is a specially designed parking lot in the area of departure, which is available for the disposal of passengers for free. The tailor-made sanitary facilities and easy access make the airport rather comfortable for the needs of passengers.

The length of a new airstrip is 2.700 meters, while the width is 60 meters.

Contacts and Operating hours

Full name:

  • Greek: Ο Αερολιμήν Σητείας ή Δημοτικό Αεροδρόμιο Σητείας ή επίσημα Δημοτικός Αερολιμήν Σητείας «Βιτσέντζος Κορνάρος»
  • English: Sitia Airport

Codes of the airport:


Tel: +30 28430 - 20151, 20161, 20171
Fax: +30 28430 - 20159, 24626

Postal address: MUNICIPAL AERONOMY SITY "VINTSENTZOS KORNAROS", 7958, 72300, Sitia, Crete.

Operating Hours:

Mon, Wed: 8.30-12.00.

Tue: day off.

Thu: 10.00-15.15.

Fri, Sun: 11.00-18.00.

Sat: 10.00-14.00.

The Cost of Transfer from Sitia Public Airport

You can reach the airport by the national highway 90, which stretches along the northern coast of Crete. The town of Sitia can be accessed within a few minutes from the building.

Sitia Airport has no bus connection with the city.

Apart from car rental facilities, you can use a taxi and transfer services for quick transportation. The cost of a trip is influenced by many factors, in particular – the route.


Beyond the airfield, you can hire a taxi. However, the first thing you will have to do in such case is to stand in a queue. The fare will include the distance, the cost of landing into a vehicle and amount of luggage. It should be borne in mind that any traffic jams or delays on the road will “drop” on a counter. Furthermore, there is no option of choosing the desired vehicle. The impossible challenge is also to find a seat for a child.


Those people, who appreciate the comfort and saving money, will definitely like transfer facilities provided by our company. You can book it online and land with a calm soul, without having to worry about transportation from the airport.

You don’t even have to search for a requested vehicle in the parking area: the member of our company will meet you upon arrival. You can ask our multilingual driver for help with luggage or an advice. You will have to pay for a trip only upon arrival in a necessary location. The price of transportation is strongly fixed from the moment of booking and won’t change till the end of a journey. We also offer car seats free of charge. Any slight delay is no more a problem because our transfer company tracks all flights of our customers.

How to book a transfer online?

If you wish to make a reservation, you have to choose a language at the top of the page first. After that, keep on the procedure: fill out the points of departure and arrival, a date, time, the number of adult passengers and children. Further, you will be offered to choose among several classes of vehicles. The final price per a trip will be also mentioned on the page. Make your choice, leave personal data and do not forget to indicate a flight number. The last step you will have to take – confirm the booking via a letter in the inbox of your email.

What are the Benefits of a Transfer from Aktis.Taxi?

  • When you make a booking of our transfer, you agree to get efficient service of the highest quality, which meets overall standards.
  • Let’s start. Upon landing our driver will meet you in the hall of Arrivals. He can be identified by a special board in his hands with your name on it.
  • The driver will help you with the luggage and consult on necessary questions. Our transfer company will make your fears about language problems fade away because we offer multilingual drivers. You can choose the one, who speaks your language.
  • Do not forget to indicate the flight number during the booking procedure, so we can track it and correct the timetable in case of delay.
  • If you are coming with a baby, we will gladly offer you a child seat for different ages absolutely for free.
  • At your disposal are the vehicles of various classes, which are available in the given area.
  • Every vehicle in our car fleet features air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi.
  • You can pay for transportation at the end of the trip.
  • Come to gain pleasure and renovation on the magnificent island of Crete. Our transfer company will help you learn more about the “cradle of civilization” in the most convenient way!
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