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Popular destinations

Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Kamena Vourla
Location Distance 116 km
€ 189
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Neoi Poroi
Location Distance 118 km
€ 193
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Volos
Location Distance 48 km
€ 48
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Meteora Kalabaka
Location Distance 156 km
€ 254
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Athens City Center
Location Distance 289 km
€ 332
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Mount Olympus
Location Distance 153 km
€ 250
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Thessaloniki City
Location Distance 219 km
€ 229
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Leptokarya
Location Distance 126 km
€ 206
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia SKG
Location Distance 244 km
€ 255
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Volos Port
Location Distance 45 km
€ 45
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Arachova
Location Distance 158 km
€ 200
Volos Airport Nea Anchialos VOL - Larissa
Location Distance 71 km
€ 116
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Taxi and transfer from Volos Nea Anchialos National Airport

The modern world provides a diverse choice of travel opportunities. As a result, a lot of new airports, stations, and routes appear every year. Thus, people get an opportunity to travel more and expand their knowledge about the world. If you are going to arrive at Volos Airport, you should also take care of booking a transfer or an individual Volos Airport taxi to the required hotel in advance. You can book the necessary route on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Nea Anchialos Airport Greece (VOL)

Nea Anchialos National Airport is a small airfield that stands near the city of Volos (20 kilometers from the city center). It caters to the needs of both international and domestic flights. The airport building opened its doors to travelers in 1993. Up to this time, travelers had to use the service of the Skiathos International Airport, which nestles 63 kilometers from the airport in Nea Anchialos.

In 2010, one completed the construction of the new terminal, thereby ensuring the opening of several new routes to other world countries.

A traveler can find all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay within the airport: cafeterias, shops, a spacious parking lot, comfortable seating and waiting area.

Nea Anchialos Airport is one of the most contemporary airports in Greece (if compared to other regions). It services flights from central Greece.

Volos Airport terminals

At present, the airport features only one terminal. One can access it via the main entrance of the building. When it is time to depart, special buses deliver the passengers to the runaway.

Contacts and Volos Airport opening hours

On Tuesdays, the airfield does not work. On this day, the workers continue the works on the building renovation. On the remaining days, the airfield operates due to the following schedule:

Monday – Friday (except Tuesdays): 08:30 – 14:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00

Sunday: 09:00 – 13:00

In summer, the opening hours may increase due to the adding of charter and other flights. The aircraft work upon the summer schedule from March to October.

Full name: Nea Anchialos National Airport

IATA code: VOL


Official website:

Tel: +30 242 80 76 886

Address: Nea Anchialos National Airport, Central Greece, E75 via the National Road from Volos, Almiros, 371 00, Greece

The cost of a transfer from Volos Airport

When passengers choose a transfer, they can always learn the price of a trip in advance. Regarding Volos Airport taxi, one should mention that its price always varies and might significantly change until the end of a trip. The cost of a transfer includes the fees for the length of the route and the vehicle class.

Volos Airport taxi

It is an affordable means of transportation in Greece only if you know how to deal with local taxi drivers. Otherwise, a journey by taxi might cost you a fortune. There is no opportunity to choose the necessary vehicle when you decide to travel by taxi (the vehicle which is first in the line is the one you will go by). Moreover, the price of such transport is not fixed. Thus, you cannot discover in advance how much money a trip will cost you. In addition, most taxi drivers have a lack of knowledge in English, which significantly complicates communication.

Volos Greece transfer

A transfer is always a simple and reliable travel opportunity. It is especially relevant when you arrive in the city for the first time. You can reserve an individual transfer from Volos Airport beforehand. Its cost will not change upon arrival to the necessary location. Moreover, a driver will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival. Upon request, travelers can get a car seat at no cost. The booking procedure does not need any prepayments. The cost of a transfer is 20% lower if compared to the price of a city taxi.

How to order a transfer online?

  1. Enter the point of departure and the necessary destination (type in English letters).

  2. State the date and the time of a trip.

  3. Select the vehicle and leave additional information to your order.

You must indicate the time of landing and the flight number in the comments to your booking.

  1. Confirm booking via a letter that will be sent to your email.

  2. Go on a trip.

At the given time, a driver will meet you at the airport and help with luggage.

Why choose Aktis.Taxi?

A transfer from Aktis.Taxi is always an excellent solution for transportation. This is due not only to the grade of comfort and cost but also to the diversity of routes and personnel that is always glad to make your wishes regarding a trip come true. One can highlight the following advantages of booking a transfer from Aktis.Taxi:

  • a transparent booking system;

  • English-speaking personnel;

  • 24/7 technical support;

  • meeting at the airport and door-to-door guidance;

  • free Wi-Fi;

  • air-conditioners;

  • child seats free of charge;

  • absence of prepayments and extra charges;

  • pay for trip upon its completion any convenient way.

You can book a transfer or an individual Volos Airport taxi from Aktis.Taxi right now!


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