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Popular destinations

Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Akrotiri Zakynthos
Location Distance 8 km
€ 19
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Keri
Location Distance 19 km
€ 37
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Alikanas
Location Distance 17 km
€ 34
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Ammoudi Zakynthos
Location Distance 18 km
€ 34
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Xirokastello
Location Distance 10 km
€ 20
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Zakynthos Port
Location Distance 4 km
€ 12
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Agios Nikolaos Zakynthos
Location Distance 33 km
€ 53
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Zakynthos
Location Distance 5 km
€ 15
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Kalamaki
Location Distance 4 km
€ 12
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Argassi
Location Distance 6 km
€ 17
Zakynthos Islands Airport Dionysios Solomos ZTH - Agios Sostis Zakynthos
Location Distance 9 km
€ 22
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Transfer and Taxi from Zakynthos International Airport “Dionysios Solomos” (ZTH)

Zakynthos is the southernmost island of the Ionian Sea, which knows the taste of unforgettable vacations. Are you looking for the most pleasurable experience? Then order a comfortable transfer and visit every corner of the Greek Paradise, which offers entertainment for all tastes.

Zakynthos Airport “Dionysios Solomos”

Zakynthos International Airport “Dionysios Solomos” is comfortably placed 6 kilometers from Zakynthos city, the capital of the island, and only 1 kilometer from the popular resort area of Laganas.

The airport provides no flights at night. The main reason is turtles “Caretta Caretta”, which belong to the endangered species. At night they leg eggs on the local beaches.

The airport building was named after Dionysios Solomos, a national Greek poet. He is also known as the author of the Greek anthem.

Zakynthos Airport was built in 1972. In 1982 it got the status of international.

Airport terminals

The airport services one terminal that was finished in 1982. There are café-bars, a duty-free shop, and fashionable boutiques in it. All the buildings of the terminal cover the area of 13200 square meters.

Contacts and Operating Hours

Full name:

  • Greek: Ο Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Ζακύνθου «Διονύσιος Σολωμός» ή Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο Ζακύνθου «Διονύσιος Σολωμός»
  • English: Zakynthos International Airport “Dionysios Solomos”

Codes of the Airport:


Tel: +30 26950 - 29500
Fax: +30 26950 - 48793
Contact form:

Official website of the airport:



Operating hours: seven days a week from 5.00 till 22.00.

The Cost of Transfer from Zakynthos International Airport

Zakynthos Airport is not serviced by the regular bus routes to Zakynthos town. You can find the nearest bus stop (the line Laganas – Zakynthos) only at 1.8 kilometers from the airfield.

The only mean of transportation, which ensures connection with the town and other directions on the island, is a taxi service. The approximate fare for a drive is 5 – 6 euros. The price is based on many factors and can change during the trip.

However, nothing beats the comfort of transportation provided by a pre-booked airport transfer. In this case, the cost of a trip is set stone and you get a higher quality of services.


You can find a taxi stand beyond the area of the airport terminal. The vehicles are ordered into a defined queue: the car, which stands first, goes first. Therefore, you cannot choose the vehicle according to your needs. The cost of a trip by taxi includes the fee for landing, the distance, all out-of-service time, the amount of luggage and other matters. It means if there is any traffic jam on the road, you will also have to pay for the time spent on it. Of course, you will hardly get any help with luggage. The service of a city taxi leaves much to be desired.


A vehicle booked from our transfer company differs greatly from a city taxi auto. There is no need to stand in a queue for the next free vehicle that may fail all your expectations about comfortable transportation. In this case, you pay only for a distance covered – no hidden payments or unexpected commissions. We offer a child seat for free. Our professional multilingual drivers meet all our clients upon arrival and ensure enough support to make a trip careless.

How to Book a Transfer Online?

  1. Choose a language at the top of the page.
  2. Fill in the route fields (names of destinations in English).
  3. Choose the date and time of a trip.
  4. Write down a number of passengers, including children.
  5. From a drop-down list of vehicles, select the necessary class.
  6. Leave your personal details.
  7. Indicate the flight number.
  8. Confirm a booking via inquiry in your inbox.

The Key Benefits of Transfer from Aktis.Taxi

Our company provides a cost-effective service of the highest quality, thanks to which it possible to travel and save money at the same time. When you choose our transfer facilities, you can expect on a door-to-door service directly upon landing, in the hall of Arrivals: a polite member of our staff will gladly meet you there. You can discuss all the nuances about a trip with a multilingual driver, who is ready to help you at any time. If your flight is delayed, you do not have to worry. Our company tracks all the flights of our clients to serve the vehicle in time. Upon necessity, passengers will be offered a car seat of three different categories.

The cars in our fleet are new, clean and equipped due to the latest technology. Any additional amenity or service can be discussed in advance via our 24-hour system of support.

We can show you the best places on the island, which belongs to mysterious creatures, the turtles. The only thing you will have to do with our transfer facilities is to relax and gain pleasure. Come to explore the beauty of the island together with us!

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