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El Hierro Airport taxi and transfer

El Hierro Island, which is the part of the Canary Islands, is regarded as one of the most unique places in Spain. El Hierro Airport is the only airfield, functioning within its area. You can order a transfer or a taxi from El Hierro Airport on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

El Hierro Airport Spain

El Hierro Airport provides air connection for the entire El Hierro Island, including Valverde city (the island’s capital). The airfield stands 9 kilometers from the city. You can easily access it using a local taxi service or a transfer.

The idea of airport construction appeared in 1962. In 1967, one started to establish the first landing strip and the airport building. In 1972, the airport performed its first flights. In 1990, the new passenger terminal opened its doors to visitors. Since those times, the airport has undergone several refurbishments and reconstructions. Regarding the island’s relatively small size, El Hierro flights annually service over 200.000 passengers.

El Hierro Airport infrastructure

The airport’s area provides all the necessary services for the comfort of passengers. There are restaurants, cafes, a parking lot, a car rental office, a lounge area, and shops here.


There is only one terminal at El Hierro Airport. It caters to the needs of all flights coming there.

Contacts and hours of work

Full name: El Hierro Airport (VDE); Aeropuerto de El Hierro

IATA code: VDE


Official website:

Tel: +34 91 321 10 00

Address: El Cangrejo s/n

In the summer, the airfield of El Hierro Airport functions round-the-clock.

The cost of a transfer

The cost of transfers from Aktis.Taxi might vary depending on the distance between the points of departure and arrivals, the class of a vehicle, and the number of passengers. You can learn the approximate cost of an individual transfer or a taxi from El Hierro Airport or any other point in Spain by filling out the basic data of your order on our website.

A taxi or a transfer?

Tourists often wonder whether which mode of transport is better: a local city taxi or a pre-booked transfer. The majority of people choose the second option because it provides favorable terms and does not require extra expenses.

El Hierro island taxi service

Taxi service is an affordable mode of transportation available in all countries worldwide. It is a good choice only in those cases when you forget to reserve a transfer from El Hierro Airport to a hotel beforehand. This is due to the high cost of local taxis, compared to transfers. Herewith, the grade of comfort and service in taxi cabs leaves much to be desired. Moreover, the price of a taxi includes additional fees and commissions, which are not inherent to transfers from Aktis.Taxi.

El Hierro Airport transfers

Transfers from Aktis.Taxi are always a nice option for a journey. You can reserve El Hierro Airport individual transfer or a taxi beforehand. The procedure does not require any advance payments. Upon arrival, you will see a driver, holding a name-tag in his hands. He will help you with your luggage. The cost of a transfer does not change. It does not include any hidden commissions. The quality of service, as well as its reliability, is always of high grade, regardless of any issues.

Why Aktis.Taxi?

At present, holidaymakers do not need to spend a lot of time on expectation and route planning, to enjoy El Hierro holidays. It is sufficient to reserve a transfer on the website of Aktis.Taxi in advance. We offer our customers:

  • comfortable travel conditions;
  • a possibility to choose the vehicle and the route as well;
  • the availability of additional services free of charge (car safety seats, meeting at the airport, help with baggage, and hotel check-in);
  • the absence of hidden fees and prepayments;
  • English-speaking personnel;
  • 24/7 access to technical support.

By choosing El Hierro Airport transfer from our company, you save up to 20% of the cost of a journey, compared to a city taxi. Let your travel turn into a terrific experience with a transfer from Aktis.Taxi.

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