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Popular destinations

Almeria Airport LEI - Vera Playa
Location Distance 83 km
€ 100
Almeria Airport LEI - Roquetas de Mar
Location Distance 38 km
€ 57
Almeria Airport LEI - Almeria City Center
Location Distance 10 km
€ 23
Almeria Airport LEI - Aguadulce
Location Distance 31 km
€ 46
Almeria Airport LEI - Mojacar
Location Distance 82 km
€ 98
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Almeria Airport taxi and transfer

Almeria International Airport is one of the major airfields of Andalusia. Every year, it provides services for about 1 million passengers. The popularity of the airfield results from its close location of local attractions to Almeria city. You can order a taxi or a transfer to/from Almeria Airport on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Airport near Almeria

The construction of an airport near the city of Almeria began in 1966. Such a decision was made due to the need for a link to Andalusia. The airport started to work in 1968. At present, Almeria Airport LEI is growing rapidly. In 2018, it welcomed over 1 million people, which was 9% more, compared to previous years.

In the next years, one plans to expand the area of Almeria Airport, which will increase the number of flights, and thereby the number of passengers.

A range of Almeria Airport facilities includes ATM, currency exchange offices, a waiting area, a café, lounges, a conference hall, a car rental office, etc.

Almeria Airport terminals

There are only one terminal and one landing strip at the airport of Almeria. Herewith, you can find several take-off grounds for the landing of helicopters of various types.

Almeria Airport opening hours and contacts

Almeria International Airport operates on a round-the-clock basis.

IATA code: LEI.

ICAO code: LEAM.

Full name: Almeria Airport LEI

Official website: not available

For more information, please visit:

Tel: +34 913 21 10 00

Address: Almeria, Spain

The cost of Almeria Airport transfers

Booking a transfer on the website of Aktis.Taxi gives you the possibility to discover the price of a trip in advance. This results from the fact that our company services have a fixed cost. The price depends on the vehicle’s class, the number of passengers, and the duration of a trip. You can learn the precise cost by filling out the basic data in the booking form or ask a consultant on our website.

What to choose: a taxi or a transfer?

When choosing between a local taxi and a pre-booked transfer for transportation, the majority of tourists prefer the second option. Such a decision is based on several factors:

  • the cost (the price of a transfer is 20% lower, compared to a local city taxi);

  • the grade of comfort and service (the customers of Aktis.Taxi can choose the necessary vehicle by themselves; an English-speaking driver will help you feel free and more comfortable);

  • time (a pre-ordered transfer or an individual taxi does not require any expectation: upon landing, a personal driver will meet you with a welcome sign at the airport).

Almeria airport taxi service Aktis.Taxi

Aktis.Taxi is a carrier company, which specializes in the provision of transfer service in Spain and other countries around the world. You can book Almeria Airport transfers on our website, without leaving your accommodation. Among the core principles of our company’s service provision are:

  1. The absence of prepayments (we do not require it and can provide transfer facilities to any place in Spain).

  2. Comfortable travel conditions (air-conditioning and Wi-Fi are available in every vehicle).

  3. Steady rates.

  4. More additional services to make our customers feel comfortable.

  5. Our technical support service is accessible 24/7. Thus, customers can get the necessary assistance when it is needed.

Aktis.Taxi seeks to ensure enough comfort to make its customers start their journey with a smile.

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