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Popular destinations

Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Ferrol
Location Distance 86 km
€ 102
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Ourense
Location Distance 116 km
€ 137
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Baiona
Location Distance 130 km
€ 154
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Vigo
Location Distance 100 km
€ 104
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Sarria
Location Distance 117 km
€ 139
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - La Aldea
Location Distance 976 km
€ 97644890
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Santiago de Compostela
Location Distance 16 km
€ 23
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Lugo
Location Distance 91 km
€ 108
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - Sanxenxo
Location Distance 84 km
€ 99
Santiago de Compostela Airport SCQ - La Coruna
Location Distance 68 km
€ 80
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Santiago de Compostela Airport is an airfield standing 13 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Compostela. Aeropuerto de Santiago de Compostela is an international airfield. It is the second busiest air harbor in the northern part of Spain after Bilbao Airport. The transfers from Aktis.Taxi will help you access the necessary hotel or a resort settlement from the airport.

Santiago de Compostela Airport Spain

The Santiago de Compostela history began with an idea of a group of aviators aiming to build the airfield in the region. In 1932, one started its construction. In 1937, the airfield carried out its first flight. Since then, the building has significantly expanded its area and undergone several reconstructions. In 2011, one reconstructed and expanded the area of the passenger terminal, which increased the airport traffic capacity and the number of flights. The same year, one observed the passenger traffic of over 2.4 million people. In 2018, over 3 million tourists used the services of the airfield, which is a record-high number for it.

Santiago de Compostela Airport is a traffic hub for such popular airlines as Ryanair and Vueling.


The airport’s territory ensures all necessary facilities for passengers: a café and a restaurant, lounge areas, a VIP-zone, and many shops. The parking area with an individual gate leading to a terminal is situated in a separate building.


There is only one terminal within the airport’s territory.

Contacts and work hours

Full name: Aeropuerto de Santiago de Compostela

IATA code: SCQ


Page on the Aena website:

Tel: +34 91 321 10 00

Address: Lavacolla, s/n, 15820, Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain

Santiago de Compostela Airport opening hours: the airfield operates 24 hours a day

The cost of Santiago de Compostela Airport transfers

The province of Galicia and its capital, Santiago de Compostela, are one of the most popular destinations with pilgrims and tourists. The majority of travelers who plan to take a trip to Galicia usually plan their trip thoroughly. This allows them to avoid a lot of issues and the need to seek for the appropriate vehicle upon arrival.

Compared to a local taxi, a pre-booked transfer features a lot of advantages:

a possibility to make a booking online from any place in the world;

the cost of a trip is 20% lower, compared to a local taxi;

the customers can choose the necessary route and the vehicle by themselves.

You can discover the estimated cost of a transfer upon the required route on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Why choose Aktis.Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is a perfect solution to move within Spain and other countries as well, no matter what amount of baggage and people you are about to take on a trip. By choosing transfers from our company, you get:

  • a system of online booking;
  • English-speaking personnel;
  • 24/7 technical support service;
  • air-conditioning and Wi-Fi in every vehicle;
  • child safety seats of three different types;
  • a diverse choice of vehicles;
  • a fixed cost of a trip and meeting at the airport;
  • the absence of prepayments and a possibility to pay for service any way you want upon its completion.

Do not waste your time and money on making changes and the search of the appropriate car or the required route – choose comfort and economy, travel with Aktis.Taxi.

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