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Popular destinations

Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Lefkada Port
Location Distance 37 km
€ 47
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Karavostasi Beach
Location Distance 88 km
€ 111
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Igoumenitsa Ferry Port
Location Distance 90 km
€ 113
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Palairos
Location Distance 27 km
€ 35
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Agios Nikitas
Location Distance 33 km
€ 42
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Plataria
Location Distance 82 km
€ 104
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Episkopos
Location Distance 28 km
€ 36
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Agios Ioannis Greece
Location Distance 526 km
€ 666
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Syvota
Location Distance 91 km
€ 115
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Parga
Location Distance 65 km
€ 82
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Nydri
Location Distance 36 km
€ 46
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Vasiliki
Location Distance 57 km
€ 72
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Ligia
Location Distance 26 km
€ 33
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Geni
Location Distance 43 km
€ 55
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Frini
Location Distance 22 km
€ 28
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Athani
Location Distance 53 km
€ 67
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Nikiana
Location Distance 29 km
€ 37
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Drimonas
Location Distance 38 km
€ 49
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Lefkada City
Location Distance 47 km
€ 59
Aktion Airport Preveza PVK - Drimonas
Location Distance 38 km
€ 49
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Taxi and transfer from Preveza Aktion National Airport (PVK)

Greece is a popular tourist destination among visitors from around the world. And there is no surprise because you can get “everything” you need in one place: the picturesque nature, the monuments of antiquity, comfortable hotels, and entertainment to all tastes. Of course, at first, you wish to seize the unseizable (touch all the hot buttons) and see everything at once. To book a transfer online is an excellent choice for a pleasurable trip with comfort when you don’t have to waste money for extra services, experience stress, and thrill.

Preveza Aktion National Airport (PVK)

Aktion National Airport is located 4.5 kilometers from the city center of Preveza, which nestles in the west of Greece. It caters air connection for the province of Lefkada (also known as Lefkas) and the adjoining areas. It has a well-developed infrastructure that meets all the current norms. You can also find some shops, cafeterias and car rental services here. The airport accommodates both civil flights and charters around the year.


The airport occupies the area of 7000 square kilometers. It provides enough space to accommodate four aircraft and one passenger terminal. There is a check-in area, a customs point, the area of arrivals, a car rental stand, a duty-free shop and several bars inside the airport.

Contacts and Hours of work

Full name:

  • English – Aktion NationalAirport


Code of the airport:

  1. IATA: PVK

For more information, you can visit an official website of the Greek Civil Aviation Administration, where you can find a web-page of the airport:

Tel (call centre): + 30 26820-26113

The airport provides air connection 24/7 seven days a week for both local and international flights.

The Cost of Transfer from Preveza Aktion National Airport (PVK)

The taxi fees from Lefkada airport is approximately 25 euro, till Preveza – 20 euro. It all depends on the class of a vehicle you choose and the exact distance till the point of arrival. If you book a transfer, you will definitely know the exact cost of a trip. Moreover, you will be confident in the comfort of transportation, because all details are discussed in advance.

Preveza Airport taxi

After you leave Aktion National Airport, you can take a taxi. Pay attention that you will have to stand a lengthy queue. The taxi can be also booked on phone or through the mobile application. The charges in Greece are quite democratic, but there are some factors that can greatly increase the price of a trip:

  • the fixed cost of landing into the car;

  • different tariffs for 1 kilometer inside/outside the city;

  • extra charges for booking a car for a specific time;

  • additional payments for excess luggage, a baby seat and the time spent on the customer waiting.

Among unpleasant surprises, which often occur to travelers, are a chauffeur, who does not speak Russian or an old car, which needs reparation. All those difficulties, not to mention confusion regarding the address, heavy traffic, and strikes by various unions, can significantly rattle the nerves and spoil an impression from the trip.

Preveza Airport transfer

When you book an airport transfer at the official website of Aktis.Taxi, be sure to avoid all those difficulties and problems mentioned above. You will get a wide range of services, included in the price that will be dealt with during booking. The cost depends on the distance to the desired point and the class of a vehicle you choose. You will be provided with:

  • Russian-speaking driver and 24-hour client support service in Russian;

  • child seat for all ages;

  • air conditioner and Wi-Fi;

  • availability of our service anywhere in Greece;

  • meeting at the airport, the car delivery at the exact time;

  • the expectation in case of flight delay;

  • no other passengers will be present with you;

  • help with luggage and check-in into the hotel (upon necessity).

Preveza Airport taxi and transfer services from Aktis.Taxi

When you request for transfer facilities at our service, you can save from 15 to 20% per trip. The range of services we offer and the level of their quality are incomparably higher than in Greek taxis, even if their cost is almost the same. If you book a transfer with Aktis.Taxi right now, you will get:

  • accompanying “step by step” from the airport parking until the reception desk of a hotel;

  • you will be met at the airport with a personal name board at the appointed time;

  • you will get help with luggage and check-in into the hotel;

  • 24-hour client support service in Russian;

  • air conditioning, Wi-Fi;

  • the best drivers and contemporary vehicles of different classes;

  • No extra fees! Everything is paid and included!

When you book our transfer, you provide a careless trip, filled with pleasurable feelings and unforgettable emotions. Feel the warmth of Greek hospitality with us and come back again!

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