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Athens International Airport Corinth, Greece
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What is Aktis Taxi?

Hello and welcome to the site Aktis Taxi which is, perhaps, the most convenient and modern assistant for ordering an individual transfer. Aktis.Taxi is a popular international service, allowing you to book a taxi in advance for any needs. Our main advantages are variability of routes, convenient, simple and easy to use interface. Choose the necessary direction, and we will pick up a transfer at the best price for you.


How to order?

● Choose a route

Start ordering by choosing an appropriate language. Next, specify the starting point and destination in the search form. Start typing the name of the airport or city in Latin letters, and a hint with popular options will appear. If there is not a place in the prompt, enter your own. Select the date and time of the trip, specify the number of passengers. Click on the button "Order a taxi" when all necessary fields are filled,.

If the cars are not found, complete the request form to search for the car. We will send you information on this request within 24 hours.

● Select vehicle type

Select the one that requires your needs in the list of cars proposed. Each class has an information about a valid number of passengers, pieces of luggage and cost. After defining the class, click "ORDER" and you will proceed to the next step.

● Leave your contacts

Enter your name and surname, contact email and phone. If you order a transfer from the airport - be sure to specify the flight number. A sign with the AktisTaxi logo and your name will be in the hands of the driver when he meets you. The phone is necessary if the driver can not find you at the place of departure. The flight number is needed to track changes in its schedule. You will receive an confirmation order in the form of a voucher on the email.

Prepayment is not required, the calculation occurs with the driver at the end of the trip.

Select a car


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