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Bansko taxi and transfer

The South Bulgaria resort of Bansko is very popular with skiers and snowboarders, especially with beginners. Apart from winter sports and rock climbing facilities (Vihren, Todorka, Polezhan, and Kutelo), offered by the Pirin Mountains, this destination offers plenty of exciting attractions for its visitors.

Bansko attracts travelers with the unique Bulgarian architecture of the XVIII–XIX centuries. Most of the old buildings are concentrated in its historic center. The city is comfortable to live in. Moreover, it is rather quiet here, which is not typical to the majority of ski resorts. At the same time, travelers think Bansko to be more dynamic and lively than Borovets or Pamporovo.

After the research held by Ipsos Mori in 2014, it turned out that Bansko was one of the most economic ski resorts in Europe. The time went by but the price policy of Bansko stayed almost the same. Thus, modern Bansko is an excellent choice for travelers with all types of holiday budgets.

Bansko holidays

Putting one’s best ski forward and more

The atmosphere of a ski resort enchants travelers from the very first minute after their arrival to Bansko. Apart from usual T-bar and chair lifts, travelers can also use a gondola lift to move within the ski resort. It operates from 2003. Sometimes, travelers have to wait in a queue to climb Todorka. It is the only complaint about local infrastructure, mentioned by skiers and snowboarders.

The thing is that Bansko is the only resort in Bulgaria and one of the few resorts in Europe, where you can enjoy virgin snow. That is why most local services are targeted at beginners. You can rent not only equipment here but also special clothes in case if you forget something at home. The prices of snowboard, skis and other equipment rentals here are rather low.

A lot of ski schools offer travelers to take ski lessons with an instructor. Here, you can buy ski-passes (special client cards) for a day or a week for several services. If you buy a VIP-card, you use a lift without waiting in a queue.

If your ski-pass expired and you are not going to extend it (you can do that online), do not forget to return this card. Thus, you will get some money back.

Bansko tourist attractions

There are a beautiful central square and an excellent city park with a lake and picturesque paths in Bansko. In 2018, the local government made it more convenient for visitors. The Steps Alley provides fantastic views of the city and landscapes of the Pirin Mountains.

Velyanova House, also known as Velianova Kushta, is a must-visit attraction in Bansko. This landmark belongs to a period of the Bulgarian Renaissance (late XVIII – XIX centuries). The house-fortress with impressive carvings and paintings on the walls was built by the famous painter, Velian Ognev. Later, he got this house as a present for painting the iconostasis of the Holy Trinity Church in 1832.

We recommend that you visit this church – it sits near Velyanova House. The building of this Orthodox church differs from the usual Byzantine and Slavonic churches. It is small, while its bell tower is rather high. Dimitur and Simeon Molerov drew the icons for the church.

Art and culture

The majority of Bansko museums are dedicated to its prominent residents, for example, the poet Nikola Vaptsarov. The author of “Motor Songs” was a well-known anti-fascist. He got the posthumous award of the International Union of Peace. You can learn about the life and work of this heroic person during an excursion to Nikola Vaptsarov House-Museum. It sits upon the address: Vaptsarov Street 3. The museum is open daily from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.

You can also visit the house-museum of modern Velian Ognev, the Bulgarian enlightener, Neofit Rilski (also known as Nikola Benin). This man was a real genius: he was the first Bulgarian encyclopedist, architect, musician, teacher, and artist. The museum of Da Vinci from Bansko upon the address: Usta Gligora 2. It is open daily from 09:00 to 17:30.

A visit to the historical and ethnographic museum “Radonova House,” sitting in Anton Str. 3, will immerse you in the atmosphere of the Bulgarian Renaissance and its heroes. The exposition operates from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:30.

If you are a fan of icon-painting, you should necessarily visit a permanent exhibition “Samples of the Bansko Icon-Painting School” in the building of the former convent, near the Holy Trinity Church. The school in Bansko is unique due to the delicacy of decorative wood carving. The exhibition operates from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:30.

You can admire the works of Bansko icon craftsmen on Mondays for free.

Entertainment and shopping

Horseback riding is very popular in Bansko. If you like this facility or just want to spend a great time with these awesome animals, then you should go to Perivolas or a local dam of Yazovir Belizmata. On the shore, you can try fishing or arrange a picnic for a family or friends.

The places of greatest interest for foreign shoppers are concentrated in Pirin Street. Bansko cannot boast a rich choice of fashionable boutiques. It is not a shopping destination.

At the same time, travelers still can find a lot of things here, which can become excellent souvenirs. For example, Bulgarian national costume, home textiles with original embroidery, cosmetics made with the addition of rose oil, ceramics, and Menta mint liqueur.

What is the best time to come to Bansko?

The period from late December to early March is the peak of the Bansko holiday season. If you want to ski along the slopes of the Pirin Mountain, you can come during the period from November to May. At the same time, if you want to admire the beauty of this destination – you are welcome all year through.

Bansko taxi and transfer: learn the cost and most important details about the service

Taxi Bansko Bulgaria

Being tired of public transport, travelers wait for a certain comfort when they go on holiday. People who got used to comfortable private transport feel more than discomfort in a city bus. The best way to avoid it is to order a city taxi Bansko. Its minimum cost starts at €1–€2. At the same time, its price may include surcharges and commissions.

While dialing taxi Bansko telefon, do not forget to ask an operator about landing fees, tariffs per kilometer, and the availability of surcharges for the time and the date of a journey. These costs considerably increase the cost of service.

Transfer Bansko

When a client decides to pre-order a transfer taxi, he can choose the class of comfort and specifications of his vehicle. It is especially important if you need a child safety seat or transport with a spacious boot to pack snowboards and other equipment.

A private transfer service also allows you to rent a minivan or a minibus for a group of skiers or snowboarders. It is more convenient and cheaper to book one vehicle, fully matching all your needs than several light vehicles for the same purpose.

How much does it cost to book a transfer taxi in Bansko? To learn the approximate cost, you should complete the booking form on the home page of If you want to know the exact cost of a journey upon a specific address, you can contact our online consultant, and he will do all the calculations by himself. Our tariffs are fixed and include neither surcharges nor commission. You can book a transfer taxi Bansko for free, without making any payments in advance.

Advantages of booking from Aktis.Taxi

We keep our car fleet in excellent condition. That is why our transport is always ready to go. Moreover, it never breaks on the route and comes on time. If the passengers’ flights are delayed, the drivers wait for their clients for up to 45 minutes at the airport at no cost.

The drivers of Aktis, as well as tech support operators, speak English. They are polite and responsive. You can ask a driver for help with luggage, and he will take no cost for that. He will gladly make a 15-minute stop for free if you need it.

Have a nice trip to Bulgaria and a pleasurable stay in Bansko!

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