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Transfer and Taxi in Greece

The statement that “Greece has it all” was pronounced so many times that one got tired to hear it. However, the described quality of a country keeps on staying the same. It is therefore not surprising that tourists coming to Greece wish to experience a true character of Greece and see all its attractions.

It is up to experienced travelers to plan a route through the unfamiliar terrain, whose residents speak foreign languages. Furthermore, only a few people have a desire to spend time and effort to careful preparation. In such a case, a taxi service seems to be a magic wand that will solve all your problems with one magic wave.

Luckily, it does not cost much to book an individual transfer in Greece. Everyone can hire a vehicle with a personal driver in it. If you need to reach the city from the airport, go on a tour, and freely move in large cities with comfort, you should book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi. It will help you solve necessary tasks almost in no time at affordable prices.

How to get the best service and individual attention at a reasonable price?


You can easily recognize this country by the myths and legends, heard when you were a child. It is the homeland of democracy, the Olympic Games, theatre, etc. Its sunsets are considered to be the most beautiful in the entire world! When you hear its name, your imagination draws the most pleasurable pictures – the sea, the islands, wine, olive groves, the sun, etc.

Greece is a “must visit” place for every ambition traveler. You should come here at least once to experience the unique natural and historical inheritance of the country. It is enough for lyrics. Let’s better consult a factsheet:




11 million people

Dialing code



visa entry (Schengen area)

Traffic on the road

Right-hand traffic

National domain


Customs regulations

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The cost of transfer in Greece

What is the difference between a taxi and a transfer? You can hire a taxi right in the street or request it via a telephone. A transfer is booked beforehand. That’s why the prices may vary significantly. The scheme of their calculation is different.

How is the cost of a transfer calculated in Greece

The cost of a transfer depends on two factors – the distance and a class of vehicle. You can find many price lists of the most popular tours with calculated and fixed costs. You can learn more about the prices of 2018 — 2019 after you fill out the points of departure and destination in our form of booking.

“Pay additional attention that the indicated price will be fixed stone and won’t change upon any reason».

The indicated price of a transfer includes all the necessary services. Taxi drivers usually apply additional costs for them. The range of transfer services is diverse:

  • multilingual drivers;
  • multilingual customer support service;
  • a car seat for a child of three types;
  • transfer service operates throughout Greece (not within defined regions);
  • air-conditioning;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • the absence of strangers in a vehicle;
  • a vehicle is served right at the indicated time;
  • waiting time;
  • help with luggage;
  • help with check-in, etc. (if needed)

How is the cost of a taxi calculated in Greece

The prices for transportation by taxi are rather democratic in Greece. The cost of a trip can differ due to the time of the day, and the type of relief in the area (within the line of the city or beyond its borders). There are fixed tariffs for a trip to or from the airport. However, there are some nuances, which significantly influence the final payment.

What are the constituents of transportation by taxi:

  • fee for landing is 1.3 euro;
  • the cost per 1 kilometer:

1. within the city lines “Tariff 1” 0.75 euro at daytime/1.7 euro at night and on public holidays;

2. beyond the city lines “Tariff 2” 1.3 euro at daytime/2.6 euros at night and on public holidays;

  • booking a taxi through a mobile telephone (via mobile application): approximately +2 euros;
  • request for a car for a specific period of time: + 3-6 euros;
  • booking a taxi to the airport/railways station: +3.20 euros;
  • for each piece of luggage exceeding 10 kilos: + 0.5 euros;
  • a car seat for a child: +5 euros;
  • waiting of a customer: + 12 euros per hour.

At the same time, there is a lot of unpleasant surprises. A driver may speak only Greek. In spite of the official prohibition, they can take extra passengers and take the same price (the same price is applied from all passengers). If you won’t be lucky enough to avoid traffic jams, you will also have to pay a lot for the out-of-time service. Furthermore, you cannot choose a vehicle that meets your need: the car, which stands in the line first, goes first.

The necessary address is a totally new story. To know the name of a settlement, the necessary street and a number of a house is not enough for a foreign traveler. You should know more about a selected area and its districts. Why? Because it often occurs that the same name of the street is seen in different districts. One couldn’t stay sure that a taxi driver will know which one he should choose exactly to deliver you in, even if he heard the address correctly. He might give you a lift due to the indicated address, but might be wrong with a district.

And the last thing a foreign traveler rather often forgets about is a great love of the Greek to strikes. Rather often, tourists cannot use a taxi service because of strikes. No money can make a Greek taxi driver move from the point. They have a strike and that is all you have to know!

How to book a transfer online

The booking procedure won’t take you much time and effort. At the very top of the page of our website, you should choose the necessary language, address of departure, the point of destination, date of a transfer, and a number of passengers. After that, you have to select a class of vehicle (value is disclosed).

Then, enter your personal details and a flight number as well as special wishes if there are any. A letter with a booking confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail.

We apply no prepayments. You pay only for the provided service. A driver will give you all the necessary checks if needed. However, if upon any specific reason you wish to make a prepayment or pay the cost of a service, we can easily send you an invoice and provide the necessary requisites.

What are the reasons to book our transfer?

Booking a transfer from Aktis.Taxi online, you also get an opportunity to save 15% per trip. In case if the cost of transportation by taxi and transfer is equal, you should note that we offer a wide range of services of premium quality.

When you choose a transfer from Aktis.Taxi, you get:

  • a complete door-to-der service from the area of arrivals in the airport to a front desk of a hotel;
  • a personal meeting with a name-tag;
  • help with baggage;
  • multilingual customer support service;
  • air-conditioning in all classes of vehicles;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • cars seats for children are offered at no cost;
  • the absence of extra expenses.

Book a transfer today and we will do our best to prove that Greece is a truly hospitable escape in all its senses!

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