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Transfer and taxi to Achilleion Palace, Corfu Island, Greece

The Achilleion Palace is probably one of the most attractive buildings on the Island of Corfu. Like any other construction in Greece, this landmark has its peculiar historical background. Moreover, local inhabitants often mention it while telling legends to travelers.

You can reach this beautiful attraction by a comfortable transfer from Aktis Taxi.

Museum Achilleion Corfu

Achilleion is a fetching palace that was constructed upon the will of Elizabeth, the Empress of Austria, in the XIX century. The landmark stands on the hill, in the settlement of Gastouri. It nestles just 20 kilometers from the city of Kerkyra, the island’s capital.

This location provides amazing panoramas of the city and the entire island as well. Achilleion is mostly visited by tourists who adore history, Greek mythology, culture, and architecture.

The Achilleion Palace is the embodiment of the Empress’s wishes. That is why the building comprises several architectural styles, including Ionic and Roman ones.

At present, Achillion serves as the museum. It is one of the most favorite destinations for both the tourists and local inhabitants. They come here to unwind within a quiet environment with their families.

Achilleion history

The story of the Achilleion palace began in 1889. Elizabeth, the Empress of Austria, bought a small area in Gastouri. Upon arrival, she fell in love with Greek culture and its nature. As a result, she decided to build a palace for a relaxing and peaceful life there. In 1982, the construction of the building was finished.

A great interest to Greek mythology explains why the building bears the name of Achilleion. It was named after Achilles. The author of this masterpiece is Raffaele Caritto, an architect from Italy.

After the death of Elizabeth, in 1898, the palace was bought by the German emperor. Later, the building went under the control of the territorial government institution. It served as a hospital, headquarters and even a casino.

In 1990, the building of Achilleion became a museum. In 1994 and 2003 the building was used for holding international events and summits. Nowadays, the floor that was previously used for housing the casino, serves a hotel. It is the branch of the famous “Hilton” brand.

Achillion Palace architecture

There are many statues of famous personalities of Greek mythology, philosophers, and gods on the territory of the palace. By the entrance to the museum’s territory, you can see the statue of Achilles. This statue stands for “the Lord of Scythian lands”. Achilles is the symbolic figure in Germany. Not far from this statue, you can see another piece of sculpture, devoted to this mythological personality and his death.

Walking by the ladder leading towards the courtyard, you can see a lot of mythological personalities. The tourists often take thousands of pictures there. The building is quite spacious inside. Its walls are adorned with pictures by well-known artists of those times. You can also see numerous items that belonged to the Empress there.

How to get to Achilleion Palace Corfu?

You can use the service of a city taxi or a pre-booked transfer to reach Achilleion Palace. A lot f experienced travelers often rent cars to travel throughout Greece.

The best way to enjoy a stress-free trip is to book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi.

How to book a transfer taxi to Achilleion Palace Hotel online?

One of the most distinctive advantages of a transfer in comparison to the municipal transport is a possibility to book a trip online. Aktis.Taxi provides such an opportunity on its website. To make a reservation for a transfer to Achilleion Palace, you have to follow the following guidance:

  1. First of all, fill in the fields of departure and arrival, state the time and the date of a trip.

  2. Then, choose a vehicle that meets your requirements regarding passenger and luggage capacity.

  3. After that, you have to leave special wishes to the order (if there are any) and your email.

  4. Finally, confirm the reservation.

  5. No prepayments are applied. You can start packing your suitcases to depart for the holidays.

Why book your transfers with Aktis.Taxi

If you are looking for ways to travel quickly, without harm to your budget and a need to make a change, then Aktis.Taxi will become your devoted partner who can provide assistance with planning a route and its implementation. A transfer from Aktis.Taxi is:

  • a possibility to book transportation online;

  • a journey with an English-speaking driver and 24/7 support;

  • Wi-Fi and air-conditioning in every vehicle;

  • an opportunity to choose from a wide range of vehicles;

  • a chance to reserve a private taxi or transfer;

  • the absence of prepayments;

  • transportation with a fixed cost.

When you choose transfers from Aktis.Taxi, you obtain comfort and economy up to 20% per trip if compared to city taxis. Do not hesitate to book modern transport to Achilleion Palace right now!

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