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Akrotiri is a small city on the Island of Santorini (Thira). This place is also an archaeological site and a natural reserve. It is situated 12 kilometers from Thira, which is the capital of the island. You can reserve an individual transfer or a taxi to Akrotiri on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Akrotiri holidays

Akrotiri is a small town, which stands on the island of Thira. It became a popular tourist destination thanks to the convenient location and the natural resort, where you can still observe archaeological excavation works.

On the basis of their findings, the scientists discovered that the first settlements within the area of Akrotiri appeared in the XX century BC. One could not miss noticing, that some people consider Akrotiri to be the part of Atlantis. Such decisions result from the city’s infrastructure, the presence of sewage and drainage systems in it, and the availability of many-storied buildings. During the excavations in the buildings, the archaeologists have found various utensils, the items of furniture, elements of frescoes, etc., which show a high degree of socio-cultural development of the city.

Modern Akrotiri lies 2 kilometers from the archaeological site. Its infrastructure is inferior if one compares it to the ancient city. Akrotiri hotel facilities are diverse and include a lot of options. The most popular hotel complexes in the settlement are CAPE 9 Villas & Suites, Neptune Luxury Suites, Pancratium Villas & Suites, and Acroterra Rosa.

If you want to experience Akrotiri beach recreation, you can visit one of its beaches nearby: Caldera Beach, the Red Beach in Akrotiri, Kambia Beach, White Beach, and Black Beach.

Things to do in Akrotiri

The major attraction of the city is the archaeological site Ancient Akrotiri. It is the ancient city that was found during the archaeological excavations. Many years ago, the city disappeared after the eruption of the volcano. The archaeologists suppose that the layer of rocks they removed from the archaeological findings is the volcanic ashes combined with lava.

At present, this natural reserve is open daily for visitors. Thus, everyone can take a stroll about the city whose life stopped 3.500 years ago.

Weather in Akrotiri

Like any place on the island of Thira, Akrotiri has a Mediterranean climate. The hottest month in Akrotiri is August. The coldest month is January. The winters are usually warm with occasional precipitation. The beach season in Akrotiri begins at the end of May and lasts till the middle of October. In June, the air temperature increases to +25°C, while the water is heated to +23°C. In July, the weather brings the temperatures of +29°C/+25°C respectively. In August, you can experience peak temperatures (+30°C /+26°C). In September, you can experience the decrease in temperatures to +27°C /+25°C. In October, the water temperature lowers to +21°C. However, you can enjoy this temperature only at the beginning of the month.

Choosing between a transfer and a taxi

While planning a trip about the island of Santorini, you should carefully think of the route and choose the best means of transport beforehand. Such an offer results from the fact that the tourists are always in a hurry. Moreover, they try to take a glance at all attractions within one day. As a result, they waste a lot of money on useless services and expensive transport. Thus, your vacation may turn into the pursuit of architectural and cultural monuments.

That is why experienced travelers prefer to reserve a transfer in advance. A trip by a transfer has many advantages:

  1. The economy of time and money.

  2. The absence of prepayments.

  3. An opportunity to plan the journey and set the routes.

  4. A possibility of booking transport online.

By choosing transfers from Aktis.Taxi, you provide yourself with a chance to save up to 20% per trip (compared to a city taxi). A transfer is an excellent choice if you need to get from the airport, Akrotiri station, or port to a hotel, a city, a settlement, and get back.

Why choose Aktis.Taxi?

While choosing a transfer company, you should give your preference to Aktis.Taxi. There are many reasons to do that:

  • the transfers from Aktis.Taxi do not need advance payments;

  • you can book a vehicle online from anywhere in the world;

  • English-speaking personnel;

  • comfortable travel conditions;

  • a large and new vehicle fleet;

  • a fixed cost of a journey.

Do not hesitate for long. Book a transfer to Akrotiri from Aktis.Taxi right now!

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