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Taxi and transfer from Alexandroupolis 

Who would think that relaxation in northeast Greece can be as great as in any other resort of the country? Alexandroupolis is the city which makes your dream about an ideal holiday on the seashore come true. The city has a long, impressive history. Its strategic location adds a particular significance to the city. You can go to Frakia, in the city of Alexandroupolis using a previously booked transfer.

Alexandroupolis holidays

Alexandroupolis is popular among tourists thanks to its location on the edge of Greece. This area is regarded as a boundary between two worlds and four countries (including Greece). It is the place where the West meets the East, blending the cultures of Bulgaria, Turkey, and Eastern Macedonia. Alexandroupolis color, its infrastructure, and facilities for entertainment greatly differ from the ones one might see on other Greek islands.

The port of Alexandroupolis is one of the largest in this part of Greece. You can get to Alexandroupolis settlement by sea transport. If you plan to stay in the city for a holiday, you can choose one of its best hotels and hotel complexes. Among the most popular Alexandroupolis hotels are Alexander Beach Hotel & Spa, Astir Alexandroupolis, Lighthouse Hotel, and 31 Doors Hotel.

Alexandroupolis tourist attractions

The Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis is the city’s visiting card and one of the major Alexandroupolis attractions. It is a 27-meter tower, which consists of 6 floors. The sailors often call Alexandroupolis Lighthouse by its old name – “Dedeağaç.” The building was built in 1880.

If you are one of the nature-lovers, then we highly recommend that you visit the Evros river. One regards this location as the staging point of migratory birds. Evros Delta is one of the best places for birdwatching. Apart from breathtaking views, this destination became famous as the place where the freshwater merges the sea waters.

Dadia Forest is the National Park which is also popular with visitors. It lies 6 kilometers from the city.

If you wish to observe the confluence of two cultures – the Greek and Turkish ones – then we recommend that you visit the Monastery of Panagia Kosmosotira, set in close vicinity to Turkey. This building is of great archaeological value for the explorers. It was established in the XII century. At present, it is regarded as a rare specimen of the traditional Byzantine architecture.

Not far from Alexandroupolis, you can also recreate in the thermal springs. All you need to do is to take a ride to the settlement of Traianoupolis.

Alexandroupolis weather

Although Alexandroupolis is located in the northeast of Greece, the climate provides warm weather and favorable conditions for recreation in the city. Alexandroupolis tourist season starts in the middle of June. During this period, the air temperature rises to +25°C – +27°C. The sea warms up to +19°C. In July and August, local thermometers show the increase of air temperature to +31°C – +32°C. The water warms up to +21°C – +22°C. In September, one might observe a decrease in temperatures. This month brings the Velvet season to the town. One can enjoy this period for about two weeks. The winters in Alexandroupolis are warm. You can hardly ever experience the minus temperatures there. In winter, the mark on the thermometer shows +5°C - +4°C.

Do you know how to get to Alexandroupolis?

You can get to the city of Alexandroupolis by ferry, road transport and by plane. Alexandroupolis Airport stands 7 kilometers from the city. The most optimal way to get to from Alexandroupolis port or an airport to a hotel is a transfer. The reason for that is the high cost of local taxi service and dependence of Alexandroupolis bus service from a fixed schedule that might not coincide with the time of your arrival to an airport or seaport. Most tourists prefer to book a transfer in advance to save their time and money as well as reduce the time required for transportation. You can book a comfortable vehicle in advance either. Aktis.Taxi provides such a possibility.

What are the advantages of booking Alexandroupolis transfers from Aktis.Taxi?

When we plan a journey, we always think it will be as perfect as we expect it to be. The company of Aktis.Taxi is a reliable assistant that will help you to plan a vacation in Greece. We offer all our customers the following terms and conditions:

  • comfortable travel conditions (without time of waiting and extra charges);

  • a possibility to make a booking beforehand;

  • a great diversity of routes all around Greece;

  • no prepayments;

  • a fixed cost of a trip;

  • additional services free of charge;

Additional services include: meeting at the airport, help with luggage and check-in, car seats, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

  • an English-speaking driver;

  • 24/7 technical support service.

You can book a transfer or a private Alexandroupolis taxi on the website of Aktis.Taxi right now.

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