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Taxi and transfer to Aridea Greece

Aridea, Aridea Loutra or Aridaia Pellas is a small town set within the area of Northern Greece. People often regard this place as the “garden of Eden”. Aridaia became popular with tourists thanks to its thermal springs and the routes for mountain climbers. If you want to get to Aridea without additional difficulties, you should better order a transfer beforehand.

Holidays in Aridaia Pella Greece

Aridaia does not enter the list of the ancient Greek cities with a long history and culture. The city was inhabited just in the XVIII century. One might know these territories as the marshland surrounded by rocks and forests.

Just 12 kilometers from Aridea, you can pamper your body with treatment procedures of thermal springs. If you are among the lovers of recreation in the mountains, then we recommend you to visit a resort Gaia Kaimaktsalan Hotel & Spa. It nestles at an altitude of 2.500 meters. It is one of the largest skiing centers in Greece. Its territories include not only accommodations for visitors, but also Lake Vegoritida and a track for motocross.

One should also note that Aridea has well-developed infrastructure facilities. There are a lot of hotels in Aridaia Greece. Among the best ones are Agapi Luxury Hotel and Filoxenia Hotel.

Aridea is an excellent point to start and continue a journey about Greece. Moreover, you can go shopping there, buy some souvenirs, have a snack at one of Aridea cafes or enjoy Greek cuisine at one of the restaurants.

Aridaia tourist attractions

One of the major attractions of Aridea is its waterfalls and thermal springs. The springs are represented by 6 baths, which are set at an altitude of 360 meters above the sea, in the forest. Their temperature varies from +25°C to +38°C. You can come to Aridaia Loutra Pozar at any time of the year. The resort is open all year through.

The properties of Loutra springs were studied during the times of antiquity. There were several temples the major task of which was to study and treat people from different illnesses.

Among prominent landmark of Aridea is the Ethnographical Museum. It exhibits rare artifacts that were found during the excavations in the area.

Weather in Aridea Greece

You can relax in Aridea Loutra all year through. The best time for recreation there is the period from the end of May till the middle of August. At the end of May, you can experience the temperature of +23°C - +27°C. In summer, the air temperature might reach +30°C - +35°C. Aridea winters are usually chilly and rainy.

What to choose: a transfer or a taxi?

When a traveler decides to take a trip, he often faces a question related to the means of transport. What is better: to “catch” a local taxi upon arrival, book a taxi or a transfer beforehand? The last option seems to be more advantageous in comparison to other ones.

As a rule, a city taxi is more expensive, especially if you come to Greece during a high tourist season. This is related to additional fees that are included in the taxi tariff. The cost of a transfer is usually lower and announced beforehand. A customer obtains a lot of advantages when he books a transfer. Among them are:

  • a possibility of online booking;

  • a great diversity of routes;

On the website of Aktis.Taxi, you can reserve a transfer to Aridea as well as to other destinations throughout Greece.

  • the absence of a need to make a change or wait for transport;

  • additional services are offered at no cost.

Why book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is a carrier company that offers customers to enjoy comfortable transportation about Greece at affordable prices and avoid wasting your time on waiting. Aktis.Taxi transfers feature plenty of advantages, among which are:

  • comfortable vehicles;

  • service of high quality;

  • help upon arrival, child seats, and meeting at the airfield for free;

  • the absence of prepayments; you make a post-payment any convenient way;

  • a possibility of booking a private transfer or taxi tours;

  • an English-speaking driver and 24/7 technical support.

Build your routes throughout Greece together with Aktis.Taxi and enjoy the highest standards of service!

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