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Athens International Airport Corinth, Greece
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Transfer and taxi to Athens bus station

Unlike the railway, which is developed in Greece very bad, the bus service covers the entire territory of the country. From the heart of Greece - Athens - the bus will take you to any city and village, but you need to know exactly which terminal station to go to, because there are two of them and they serve in different directions.

In order not to be trapped, ordering a taxi that will take you to the wrong terminal, it is better to use the transfer service. In this case, you will be explained with all the details and you will not be driven around the all city in vain.

Athens Bus Station

Athens Intercity Bus Station is divided into two terminals - Terminal A Kifissa and Terminal B Lyossia, serving opposite directions.

Terminal A Kifissa

Address: 100 Kiffissou Street 100, A / D PAThE 40, Athina 104 42, Greece.

The first terminal of the capital specializes in serving flights to Northern Greece and the Peloponnese, such as: Thessaloniki, Tripoli, Patras, Corinth, Kavala, Kastoria, Navplio, etc.

Look at the schedule:

Telephone: +30 21 0512 4910

Terminal In Lyossia

Address: 260 Liossion Street Str. Dagkli 43, Athina 104 45, Greece.

From the second terminal buses go to Central Greece: Delphi, Kavala, Larissa, Thebes, Lamia and others.

Look at the schedule:

Telephone: +30 21 0831 1434

Advantages of transfer from Aktis.Taxi

You can go to the Athens bus station by city buses. But, for this, firstly, you will have to find the stop of the desired route and wait at least half an hour until the bus arrives. But also, there is another way, you can order an online transfer, the driver of which will meet you right at the train station or platform. Our employees are Russian speakers, so they will be happy to answer all your questions. Our taxi is different from the usual that you can save some money by getting more services. You will know the cost of the trip at the very beginning and it will not change. Baby seat is free of charge. When you are ordering online you can choose a car of any class and size. It is also important to remind you that no prepayments or hidden surcharges are required.

Do not let the mess with the transport spoil your impression of a country that “has everything”! Book a transfer online, and you will not even notice moving from place to place.

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