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Chios is a Greek island which nestles within the northern area of the Aegean Sea. It is the fifth-largest island in Greece. It is situated only 7 kilometers from the shores of Turkey. For better transportation within the island, you can book one of the comfortable Chios transfers of Aktis.Taxi. It is a time- and cost-effective means of transportation.

Chios sightseeing

Chios Island has long been a favorite place for recreation among the Greeks only. The foreigners seldom visited it. At present, travelers from all over the globe come here in spite of the poorly-developed infrastructure island (compared to other Greek islands). Chios town is an administrative center of the island. The tourists often hear the Chios residents regard the city as “Chora.” You can find a lot of exciting Chios tourist attractions during a sightseeing tour about the island, for example museums, monasteries, churches, and fortresses. Among Chios main attractions are Chios Byzantine Museum, Chios Maritime Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Picture Gallery, and Agios Iakovos Church. In a 15-kilometer distance, you can see another tourist attraction – Nea Moni Monastery. It is one of the well-preserved monuments, which represent the culture of the Byzantine period. This building enters the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Mastic trees on Chios Island are considered to be the visit card of the island. The name of the region the trees grow in bears the name of Masticohoria.

There are several big resorts and resort settlements on Chios Island one can relax at from the daily hustle and bustle as well as enjoy the grace of the natural beauty of the island.

Chios transfer

The building of Chios Island National Airport stands only 4 kilometers from the center of Chios city. You can also get to the island by sea transport. To get to the necessary resort or a hotel from an airport or seaport, you will need to book a transfer beforehand. You can do that on our website.

A transfer is a comfortable and relatively cheap way to travel throughout Greece. When compared to a Chios taxi or a rented car, a transfer has the following advantages:

  • an opportunity to reserve the necessary route in advance;

  • a fixed cost of a trip;

  • a wide choice of vehicles;

  • pay any convenient way upon delivery at the given destination;

  • English-speaking staff.

The cost of Chios transfer

You can learn the approximate price of your journey on the website of Aktis.Taxi by entering the required data about an order. The cost of service will vary depending on the number of passengers, the quantity of luggage, the vehicle class, and the length of a route.

You can always ask an online consultant for help and clarify additional details.

How to order Chios transfer

  1. Enter the names of the necessary points (departure and arrival), set within Chios Island.

  2. Fill in the information regarding the number of passengers and the date of a trip.

  3. Select the vehicle, its class, and capacity.

  4. Fill out the additional fields.

  5. Confirm booking and go on a journey.

Note that if you are about to come by air transport, you will also need to state the time of arrival and the flight number.

Why travel with Aktis.Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is a carrier company, which provides transfer facilities within the territories of Greece, including the Island of Chios. When you order a transfer from our company, you can rest assured about the quality, reliability, cost, and comfort of a booked service. By choosing a Chios airport transfer (port) or an individual taxi from Aktis.Taxi, you can save up to 20% per trip, in comparison to Chios taxi prices. Moreover, you also get the following benefits:

  • no prepayments;

  • fixed prices (which do not depend on the delays, traffic jams, out-of-service time);

  • a big and new car fleet;

  • meeting at the airport;

  • help with baggage and guidance to a hotel;

  • English-speaking drivers;

  • 24/7 technical support for customers.

Let your mind think of relaxation, and we will take care of all the rest!

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