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Hersonissos taxi and transfer service

Hersonissos is one of the oldest settlements of Northern Crete. At the same time, it has quite a modern look and attracts the youth with loud parties. If your dream holiday in Greece includes non-stop entertainment, new acquaintances with people of all nationalities, shopping, and hiking in the outskirts of Lassithi, then you should necessarily come here!

Holiday in Hersonissos

Hersonissos Port

A tour to Hersonissos Port is undoubtedly worth taking as it allows travelers to enjoy the azure and aroma of the purest Aegean Sea, have a look at numerous ships, yachts, and colorful fishing boats. Local yacht charter and boat rental services are pretty good. The guests of Hersonissos Port can take a sea tour with or without a guide.

Cruises and sea tours

There are not many sea tours in Hersonissos, compared to Heraklion but they are worth taking. If the desire exists, you can take a sea voyage along the entire coast of the island and visit the nearby ports. Do you want anything special? How about a cruise on a “pirate” ship or a vessel with a glass bottom? Such a sea tour will certainly impress your kids and stay in your memory for long.

Hersonissos beach

Hersonissos Port can boast of having a developed infrastructure. For example, you can easily find an open-air beach café, a bar or restaurant in and enjoy delicious cocktails, admiring sea views.

Hersonissos beach is sandy and pretty clean. The service of visitors is worth a good mark either. Apart from “traditional” facilities on the beach (a sun lounger and a beach umbrella), you will be offered a foot pan to wash your feet from the sand.

An English-speaking Aktis.Taxi will give you a ride to the port from any place in Hersonissos. By booking a transfer, you can rest assured that you will not miss any important event in the city. We deliver our passengers there from Chania Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis and Nikos Kazantzakis Airport in Heraklion with the maximum comfort as quickly as possible.

Hersonissos Port opening hours

The port is open for visiting from Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 to 14:00.

Hersonissos attractions

The spirit of antiquity

In the vicinity of Hersonissos, there are two favorite places of the fans of Greek mythology. Not far from the village, above the Lassithi plateau, there is the Dikteon Cave. The legend says it is the place, where the goddess Titanide, Rhea, gave birth to Zeus.

According to the myth, the underground labyrinth of the Knossos Palace served as the home for the Minotaur, which was once defeated by Theseus. You can get to the ruins, housing the throne of Minos thousands of years ago, in about half an hour using a transfer from Hersonissos.

The Cretan resort city also has the landmarks of later epochs: the ruins of theatres, Roman fortifications, and early Christian Basilica. You can take a complex excursion about the best Hersonissos attractions. You can go on foot or enjoy a ride on the back of a horse.

History and culture

Hersonissos is best known for its Lychnostasis Museum in θέση Πλάκα. Thanks to the effort of George Makrakis, the museum enriched its exposition with Cretan household artifacts. This place differs from the classic notion of a museum: it is allowed to touch the exhibited items and smell the herbariums of the expositions. Furthermore, the hospitable staff of the museum is always glad to welcome new visitors and treat them with vegetables and fruit. “Lychnostatis” is open six days a week, from 09:00 to 14:00, Saturday is a day off.

Another popular attraction is the art studio of a local craftswoman – Maria Sanoudaki Ceramic. You can find it in Isiodou, “Old Hersonissos.” Here, you can admire unique examples of Cretan ceramics and buy some souvenirs: from unique crockery up to hand-modeled bijouterie. Maria Sanoudaki Ceramic Art studio operates from 11:00 to 22:00 seven days a week.

Hersonissos also has a lot of beautiful churches, for example, Agia Paraskevi Church. It sits on the cape, near the lighthouse. It seems to be a part of the nearby rock. The church is open 24 hours a day. There are usually just a few visitors in it. Visitors can take candles for prayers for free and leave a small donation in the box.

Entertainment and shopping

Since the village features impressive landscapes, such types of entertainment as cycling, quad biking, and riding on scooters are quite popular here. You can rent all sorts of transport throughout Hersonissos. Hersonissos beaches entertainment includes surfing, diving, jumping, and other water sports.

If you are going to visit Hersonissos with a child, you should necessarily visit Hersonissos Aquaworld Aquarium. It provides rehabilitation facilities for unique sea species and reptiles. It is open from Monday till Saturday, from 10:00 to 17:15.

Local water parks Star Beach and Aqua Plus are not elite but offer pretty good services. If you are a fan of water rides, “bananas,” playing golf or volleyball, you will like this destination.

It is very convenient to do some shopping in Hersonissos as the most interesting shops are concentrated within two places: along the old road passing through the village and near the port. If you want to buy a new fur coat, you should better go to Fasoulas Furs or Luxurious Furs. To refresh your collection of jewelry, you should go to the Golden Dolphin. If you want to buy some delicious souvenirs – you are welcome to local shops.

Would you like to buy some really good products at cheap prices? Then, you should find out those special places, where the owners stand behind the counters. They provide better service. Moreover, if you like to bargain, they can make a great discount for you. In general, you can bargain everywhere – this trick works well in Greece.

The best time to come in Hersonissos

Hersonissos holiday season lasts from early April to middle November. In spring, travelers can enjoy the blossom-time of almond trees, poppy, gladdens, and tulips.

Taxi service or a private transfer: which one to choose to travel about Hersonissos

Taxi Hersonissos

Catching a taxi in Hersonissos is not a cheap option for traveling due to the availability of hidden commissions and extra charges, applied by the taxi drivers in Crete. For example, passengers are obliged to pay for waiting during the aircraft landing and loading of luggage. The extra charges are also taken on public holidays, weekends, and nighttime.

Pay attention that Greek taxi drivers do not always speak English so that it might be difficult to communicate with some of them. It is quite challenging to find a vehicle with the necessary boot size, a car seat for a child, and other necessary features.

Transfer service

The service of pre-booking a taxi – for example, a transfer taxi from the nearest airport to Hersonissos – allows you to choose the required taxi in advance. The driver will meet you right from the flight, and you will not lose your time, searching for appropriate transport. What can be more pleasant than to start your vacation with a trip on a vehicle, offering air-conditioning, delicious drinking water, and a mini-excursion!

Is it true that a transfer always costs more than a local Greek taxi? If you are a client of Aktis, a trip will not cost you a lot of money. We do not charge any fees and commissions. Our drivers always help their passengers to carry luggage free of charge. Moreover, in the case of the flight delay, the expectation of a passenger for 45 minutes is provided at no cost either. Thus, you can even save some money without limiting your comfort during a trip.

Advantages of transfers from Aktis.Taxi

We offer vehicles of all classes, which are always in an excellent state. Furthermore, they always come on time.

The drivers and tech support operators are polite and speak English. Their contact numbers are given in the transfer booking vouchers for the comfort of our clients.

If you need to make a stop on the route, the driver will make a 15-minute stop for free. We do our best for your unforgettable vacation in Crete!

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