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Transfer and taxi to Ioannina

Yannena or Ioannina is a small settlement that nestles in the north-west of the country, close to the borders with Albany. At first glance, you might think that Ioannina has no peculiar features, attractions, and the sea as well. Perhaps it is the main reason why tourists seldom choose this place for holidays.

However, the city of Ioannina has enough exciting places to draw your vacation with bright colors and new experience. The city is accessible by bus from Athens or Thessaloniki. However, if you appreciate comfort and safety, you should better make a reservation for a transfer.

Holidays in Ioannina

Ioannina nestles far away from the most favored tourist routes. You can reach it only by road transport. A trip to the city might take you about 5 – 6 hours. Ioannina is a well-populated city. It occupies the 7th place upon the population in Greece. This town is especially popular with youth because it houses the University of Ioannina, comprising 16 faculties.

You can see Lake Pamvotida (or Pamvotis) on one side of the city, and the mountains from another one. As a rule, the tourists are quite a rare phenomenon here. The picturesque landscapes and a particular remoteness of Ioannina from other settlements create a unique atmosphere that makes this place worth visiting.

Ioannina tourist attractions

On the territory of the small settlement, you can see a lot of mosques that remained almost untouched up to the present in comparison to the buildings in other Greek towns. The spirit of Byzantine epoch is felt in every nook of the city. Some districts of Ioannina are new. They might remind you of a part of a modern European city. The rest of the city preserves the rich history and cultural diversity.

During a journey to Ioannina, you can visit the Byzantine and the Archaeological museums of Ioannina, Aslan Pasha Mosque, the Ioannina Castle and the library. On the island that is set right in the middle of the lake, you can visit several monasteries and holy places.

Ioannina weather

The city nestles 480 kilometers above the sea. In Ioannina, you can experience the properties of a wet, cool and often rainy weather. During the summer, the temperature reaches +22 - 25°C. However, the air humidity and proximity to the mountains are felt even in the summer months.

How to reach Ioannina?

Just 4 kilometers away from the city, you can find the airport with domestic operations. You can come here on charter flights from any point of Greece. If a traveler plans to visit Ioannina by road transport, he should take care of the route planning in advance.

It will be rather expensive and tiresome to hire a car or a local taxi, while a journey by bus might require you to make a change. Thus, the most optimal solution for you is to book a private taxi transfer to Ioannina.

It is noteworthy that you can book such comfortable transport on our website. It will carry you to the required place. When you select a transfer, you save your time and money and obtain all the facilities of modern comfort as well.

Why travel with Aktis.Taxi?

The Aktis.Taxi transfer company is ready to carry our transportation to the most diverse directions, including the city of Ioannina. When you book a modern vehicle from our company, you are guaranteed the following advantages:

  1. Meeting at the point of departure.

  2. The absence of prepayments.

  1. Enjoy post-paid service and pay any convenient way.

  2. Relax in a comfortable vehicle equipped with Wi-Fi and air-conditioning.

  3. Request and use child seats free of charge.

  4. Have a nice tour with an English-speaking driver.

  5. Full support upon arrival.

Do not be a prisoner of schedules. Become the master of your holidays and enjoy your Greek holidays with a transfer from Aktis.Taxi!

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