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Transfer and Taxi in Kalamata

Kalamata is a wonderful city that is situated within the south-west area of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is the capital of Messenia regional unit and the port city, which caters the southern part of the mainland Greece.

You can reach Kalamata by plane or by car. The most comfortable means of transportation there is a transfer, which can be booked in advance.

Holidays in Kalamata, Greece

Kalamata invites you to spend unforgettable holidays within its lively rhythm. Its breathtaking tempo will make you “work hard these days” to become a part of local life with its numerous cafeterias, welcoming bars, traditional restaurants, fashionable shops, historic building, and the scenic harbor. Kalamata has a wish to challenge you! So get prepared to start a tour!

Weather in Kalamata

The city of Kalamata nestles on the high mountainous area of the Peloponnese peninsula.

The climate of Kalamata is directly influenced by the sea and the mountains. There is a false belief that within the given area, one can experience a lot of moisture.

The cold season in Kalamata usually lasts from November until April. The warm season starts in May and longs up to October.

An average temperature you can feel in Kalamata in winter is 11.7°C in December, 10.2°C in January and 10.6°C in February. In the summer season, the mean monthly temperature reaches т 24.1°C in June, 26.4°Cin July and 26.3°C in August.

Attractions in Kalamata

Kalamata has a lot of attractions for all tastes. There is no doubt that each of them is worth visiting. Walking about this area, do not miss a unique beach, which stretches for 5 kilometers away under the shades of Mount Taygetos.

The ancient spirit is felt everywhere, when you walk about the city and its sites, such as Kalamata Ypapanti Church, and the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata. At the crossroads of Kyriakou and Agios Ioannou Str., you can see another enchanting building of neoclassic style called the Folklore Museum of Kalamata.
Kalamata has both options to offer: a rich choice of landmarks to see on daytime and a vibrant nightlife in the very heart of the city. Come and have it all! Be sure that Kalamata won’t let you go back to your hotel until the early morning hours!

Multilingual Transfer Facilities to Kalamata

How to call for a transfer in Kalamata? Book a vehicle online on our official website and get a driver who speaks your language. Furthermore, all our customers are guaranteed to have a 24-hour customer support service, what makes it easy to avoid any kind of difficulties and discuss the necessary details at once.

The Cost of a Transfer to Kalamata

The cost of a trip by taxi depends on the route. However, you should pay attention that city taxi drivers take extra fees for all possible factors, which occur on the road and can influence the price: out-of-service time, amount of baggage, traffic jams, flight delays, etc., so that you have to be ready that the final cost will greatly differ from the previously indicated one.

When you decide to book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi you are guaranteed that none of the mentioned features will disturb you. The price for a trip includes the distance and a class of a vehicle only. A seat for a child and help with luggage are provided for free.

Advantages of a Transfer from Aktis.Taxi

A transfer from our company gives you an opportunity to save from 15 to 20% per trip and obtain additional service of premium class:

  • we provide multilingual drivers and a customer support service. In addition, you can also use a handy mobile application Aktis.Taxi for a transfer booking;
  • a member of our personnel meets you with a name-tag in his hands in the indicated place;
  • all the vehicles in our car fleet are new and equipped with air-conditioner and Wi-Fi;
  • help with luggage and a car seat are provided free of charge;
  • final payment at the end of a trip only.

Do not forget to plan your route in advance and book a transfer, and we, in our turn, will guarantee you the highest quality of service and transportation!

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