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Taxi and transfer on Kalymnos Island Greece

Greece has scattered its beautiful islands from Albania to Turkey. One of them is Kalymnos Island. It has a lot of harbors and several large cities. Kalymnos occupies the 26th position among the Greek islands upon size. You can there from the island of Kos or Rhodes by ferry or catamaran as well as via air transport. For transportation within the area of the island, you should better use the facilities of transfer service.

Kalymnos Island features

Kalymnos Island is known for its ports from ancient times. One of them is the same-called capital. Kalymnos belongs to the group of Dodecanese Islands. There are just 2 kilometers from the island to Leros and only 16 kilometers to Kos. You can get to the island within 30 – 40 minutes by means of a ferry or a speedboat from the island of Kos.

One of the major peculiarities of this destination is Kalymnos Diving Center. It is the only state diving school in Greece. Travelers usually come there to take lessons and put theory into practice in the waters of the Aegean Sea under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Kalymnos Island climbing is another facility which regularly attracts visitors. One of the most popular climbing routes includes a descending to Sikati Cave. It looks like a vertical well. Travelers are offered several routes depending on the complexity.

Apart from the beaches and resort areas, Kalymnos Island has a wonderful landmark – the ancient Pera Castle or the Castle of Chrisocheria. It has 9 medieval chapels. Not far from the building, you can see two churches of the Byzantine period. One of them dates back from the IV century.

During a journey about the island, do not forget to buy a jar of honey. It has a unique taste. A sponge is another distinctive feature of this place. Kalymnos Island is one of the largest centers upon production of sponges. Within the island’s territory, you can also find a house-museum which belongs to one of the major sponge traders.

Advantages of a transfer from Aktis.Taxi

If you still hesitate what means of transport to choose, then you should give your preference to a transfer. This choice results from the fact that there is almost no municipal transport on the island. Moreover, the service of a city taxi might cost you a fortune. A transfer features the following advantages:

  • a fixed price that is specified in advance;

  • comfort;

  • an opportunity to build a route by yourself;

  • additional facilities free of charge;

  • a possibility to order a vehicle beforehand online.

A passenger can clarify all the details of his order beforehand if there is such a necessity. When you book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi to Kalymnos Island, you save up to 20% per trip if compared to the price of a city taxi.

Book a transfer in five easy steps

  1. Fill in the major booking form.

Note that the pickup and drop-off points should be entered in Latin letters. Start typing and select the required place from the drop-down list.

  1. Select a vehicle, a class, and capacity.

  2. State your personal data.

  3. Confirm booking via your email.

  4. Pay any convenient way upon completion of a trip.

No prepayments are applied!

Why travel with Aktis.Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is one of the largest companies, providing passenger transportation in Greece. You can easily book a transfer about Kalymnos Island on the website of Aktis.Taxi. When you give your preference to our company, you obtain both an opportunity to save time and money and enjoy comfortable conditions of transportation.

One can distinguish the following major advantages of booking a transfer from Aktis.Taxi:

  • a wide choice of vehicles;

  • Wi-Fi in every vehicle; availability of additional services free of charge (meeting at the airport, child seats, help with check-in, etc.);

  • absence of prepayments;

  • an opportunity to plan a route yourself;

  • an English-speaking driver and 24/7 technical support;

  • a transparent booking system.

When you travel with Aktis.Taxi, you do not waste the priceless minutes of your vacation on waiting and a search of the necessary transport. You enjoy your holidays. Plan a route together with Aktis.Taxi right now and enjoy memorable moments in Greece!

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