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Transfer and taxi in Kastoria

Kastoria is a beautiful lakeside town that nestles in Macedonia, one of the regional units in Greece. The city is conveniently placed 10 kilometers from Kastoria National Airport “Aristotelis”. Its flights ensure a regular air connection to Kozani and Athens.

You can also find the means of public transport there: a city bus services the nearby settlements upon a fixed schedule. However, it might seem quite inconvenient if you wish to reach a particular location on time. That is why to hire a taxi or a comfy transfer is the best solution in such a situation. You can book a private transfer service beforehand: online or by using a handy mobile application.

Holidays in Kastoria, Greece

During its long history, Kastoria has suffered a lot of assaults and conquers of the Bulgarians, the Turks, and the Normans. However, you can still observe a significant number of Byzantine churches, family relics, and aristocratic mansions of the city, regarded as one of the most important centers in Europe. You can easily convince yourself if take a trip to this beautiful town full of the ancient charm.

Kastoria sights

If you wish to get a general image of the area, you should take a stroll along the shore of the lake, starting from the beach in the southern part and ending in the north. Relaxation and tranquility are the first feelings that start to overwhelm you when you walk along a narrow coastal path. Thick forests help to create a unique atmosphere of entire privacy and solitude with nature.

Kastoria with its long history and 80 unique churches is the only place in Greece, which keeps on preserving the memories about the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine times. Except for the rich collection of Mount Athos, only in Kastoria, you can admire frescoes created by the artists of the Cretan school and the earlier periods.

Just a few-minute walk separates the shimmering lake from Doltso, the most picturesque old quarter of the city. It will leave you enchanted with the beauty of magnificent mansions, dating back from the XVII and XVIII centuries. They are the irrefutable evidence of the economy that has long been a thriving fur manufacturer and trader.

Many of the Kastorian manors were later transformed into museums. For example, a Nerantzis Aivazi mansion is currently known as the Folklore Museum of Kastoria, Emmanuel mansion serves as the Traditional Costume Museum, etc. Completing a small sightseeing tour near the north beach, you will see the old quarter of Apozari with its aristocratic atmosphere, elaborated churches, and astonishing private manors, which are considered the typical examples of Macedonian architecture.

A tourist speedboat invites visitors to take a sea voyage that will help to feel more pleasure from the beauty of the lake and local panoramas. It departs for excursions around the peninsula every day.

However, if you want to admire the city from above, you can to follow a green path, leading to a little church of Prophet Elias, or keep on going until you reach the hill of Agios Athanasios.

Weather in Kastoria

The territories of the fur trade capital are mainly mountainous. The region is damp in the winter and relatively dry in the summer. The climate is characterized as continental. However, it has a particular tendency to a moderate one. In general, the average temperature exceeds +20°C only during the period from June till September.

In Kastoria, you can experience the properties of a harsh winter that freezes all local lakes and rivers. That is why the summer is the best season for holidays within the area: it brings comfortable temperatures that often exceed 40°С.

Transfer and taxi – What is the difference?

Regarding Greece, the best means of transportation is a taxi.

However, if you finally decide to hire a taxi, you should remember that apart from the fixed cost for a trip, you will have to pay for all the extra amenities and event traffic jams.

The price of a private transfer service in Kastoria will include only the fees for the distance and a class of the vehicle, you pick up while making a booking. No extra charges will be applied for additional services. On request, you will be also provided with a child seat absolutely at no cost.

The cost of the service starts at €1 per 1 kilometer.

The city taxis are found within specified taxi stands while a private transfer can be booked in advance before the beginning of a trip. All you have to do is to plan the route and indicate the exact pickup location, and our driver will gladly meet you with a name-tag in his hands.

Why choose a transfer from Aktis.Taxi in Kastoria

A private transfer service from Aktis.Taxi offers not only comfortable transportation but also a possibility to save from 10 to 20% per trip. Moreover, you can obtain amenities of extra class a usual city taxi could hardly ever provide for its customers. To make a reservation for a transfer, you can use a comfy mobile application or make an order online on our website.

Why use a transfer from Aktis.Taxi for transportation in Kastoria:

  • we offer polite English-speaking drivers who meet all our customers with name-tags in the lounge of arrivals or on the platform;

  • you can consult customer support service all day long;

  • enjoy new vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi and air-conditioning;

  • do not hesitate to request for a child seat absolutely for free;

  • ask for assistance with baggage free of charge;

  • select between individual and group transfer options;

  • pay upon completion of service;

  • get pleased by a transparent system of calculating the cost.

One of the most amazing cities of Greece will certainly tempt you with its endless beauty, nobility, and tranquil aura. A comfortable transfer from Aktis.Taxi will not let any stress ruin this idyllic state. Book your vehicle right now and let us take care of your relaxation on the way to the hotel!

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