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Kos town is an administrative center of Kos Island. The city nestles in the northeast part of the island, close to the coast of Turkey. Local residents say that when the weather is fine, one might see the shore of the neighboring country. It is noteworthy that the highest percentage of the entire population of the island lives in Kos town (about 60%). You can get to Kos town using the service of a previously booked transfer.

Kos holidays

Tourists know the island of Kos, as well as its capital, as one of the best destinations for beach recreation. Apart from Kos beaches, the city invites tourists to enjoy a great diversity of cafes, hotel complexes, restaurants, night clubs, etc. There are a lot of things to do in Kos town. Everyone will undoubtedly find entertainment to his taste there. Compared to other resorts on the island, the city of Kos comprises the maximum number of facilities and services for entertainment. Kos features peaceful bays, tranquil beaches, small villages, and resorts for the lovers of a relaxing holiday. The youth will like visiting Kos nightlife venues, art shows, and festivals.

Among the most popular hotels you can stay in Kos are Lango Design Hotel & Spa, Paritsa Hotel, Diamond Boutique Hotel, and White Pearls.

One should note that Kos offers facilities for accommodation for all budgets. If you want to save on transport and residential property, you should book them beforehand.

Kos tourist attractions

The Island of Kos or Cos has a lot of cultural and architectural monuments which are worth visiting.

It is worth noticing that in 1933 the city was almost entirely destroyed by the earthquake. On the other hand, this natural disaster let the archaeological to make a great number of discoveries.

Among the main attractions of Kos town are the Medieval Castle of Kos, the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, Sanctuary of Asclepius (Asklepion), and Casa Romana (an open-air museum).

The Medieval Castle of Kos is the first thing travelers see during a trip over the Aegean Sea on the way to Kos. The building was established to protect the city from warrior attacks. During a visit to this landmark, you should pay particular attention to its collection of antique statues, set inside the building.

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates is another popular site of the city. You can find the tree in the very heart of the city. It symbolizes the establishment of medical educational institutions and schools around the world. It is worth noticing that it was Hippocrates who opened the first school of such a type on Kos Island. While exploring the life of the Greek “Father of Medicine,” you might notice that he liked to teach his students under the tree.

Regarding other attractions, one should mention that all of them are set within the city. Thus, it will not be difficult for you to find them.

Kos weather

Thanks to the island’s location, during the stay in Kos, one can experience the properties of the Mediterranean climate with its warm winters. During this period, the temperature does not fall lower than +12°C – +15°C. Kos beach season starts at the end of May and continues up to the middle of October. The air temperature in June warms up to +26°C – +29°C, the water is heated to +23°C. The hottest days in Kos are in July and August. July brings the air temperature of +29°C and heats the water to +25°C. In August, the air temperature reaches +32°C. The water warms up to +26°C. Starting from September, the temperature starts to fall to +27°C. It is the time of Kos Velvet season. In October, you might still enjoy comfortable air temperature of +23°C and the water of +20°C – +22°C.

Do you know how to get to Kos Greece?

The building of Kos Airport stands 22 kilometers from Kos town. Upon landing, the tourists use different means of transport to get to local resorts and hotels. Some of them go to the Port of Kos to take a trip to neighboring islands.

Despite the diversity of local transport, most tourists choose a transfer as the means of transportation because it is a comfortable and inexpensive way to travel on holidays.

You can book a transfer to the city of Kos on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Why book a transfer on Kos Island from Aktis.Taxi?

When choosing ways to get around the city, we always aim to find the best solution. However, our expectations seldom coincide with the realm. Our team works to provide the most comfortable conditions for your trip. We offer our customers:

  1. A possibility to book a transfer online.

  2. The absence of a prepayment.

  3. Child seats, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning are free of charge in every vehicle.

  4. Meeting at the airport and door-to-door service.

  5. An English-speaking driver and 24/7 technical support.

  6. A wide choice of vehicles of different capacity, cost, and classes.

We do our best to make your wishes about a perfect vacation come true. Book a transfer or an individual taxi in Kos town from Aktis.Taxi right now!

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