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Transfer and taxi to Larissa, Greece

There are different ways a tourist can discover Greece. This results from the country’s cultural and historical diversity. Larissa is one of the major centers in Greece. Great plenty of attractions and a unique blend of cultures made this destination a must-visit place to thousands of visitors. If you plan a trip to Larissa, you should also think of booking a transfer to Larissa.

Larissa holidays

The city of Larissa nestles in the Thessaly region that is 320 kilometers from Athens and 160 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Tourists can easily access this place thanks to a convenient location and a well-developed infrastructure. People come here to visit local sites and enjoy a stroll along the old streets.

One should mention that Larissa is a pretty old town. It is over 4.000 years old. The signs of the first settlements in this area date back from Neolithic times. Moreover, you can find the mentions about this settlement in the epic poem “Iliad” by Homer. These facts prove the ancient history of Larissa and surround it with the atmosphere full of myths and legends.

In spite of numerous attractions, Larissa is a contemporary Greek city with a population of over 145.000 people. It has a well-developed infrastructure and tourism industry. You can find the nearest beaches in Larissa suburbs: Agiokampos, Karitsa, Pyrgetos, and Rapsani.

The city offers over 100 hotels for the comfort of its guests. The most popular of them are Divani Palace Larissa, Hotel Park, Hotel Metropol, and Modern & Cozy Apartment in Larisa. There are also several resorts within the city’s suburban areas. Apart from staying in a hotel, tourist can book a private villa or a small house in advance.

Larissa Greece attractions

The unique places of interest are one of the major reasons to visit the town and the neighborhood. An abundance of landmarks results from the city’s location and meaning not only at present but also during the times of antiquity. One can distinguish the following major landmarks of the area you should visit during the stay in Larissa:

  1. The Ancient Theater of Larissa.

This building was constructed in the III century at the times when the Thessaly region was captured by Rome. During this period, the ancient theater was used for gladiator fights. The building was built as the prototype of the Theater of Dionysus in Athens.

In 250 AD, people finished the construction of a building for theatrical performances not far from the Ancient Theater. At present, these buildings remind people of the graceful culture that had once existed there.

  1. Larissa Ancient Ruins.

  2. Larissa Acropolis.

  3. The Diachronic Museum of Larissa.

  4. The ancient ruins on Frourio Hill.

Frourio Hill became famous thanks to numerous monuments of the early Christian, Byzantine, and the Ancient Greek culture. You can see the ancient baths that date back from the IV century as well as a lot of other objects which are worth visiting.

  1. The Monument of Hippocrates.

The father of medicine spent his last years living in Larissa. In the suburban area, you can find the monument and a museum devoted to Hippocrates.

Larissa weather

The continental climate with dry, warm summers and cold winters dominates in Larissa. The tourist season usually begins at the end of May. At this time, the temperature rises to +25°C – +29°C.

During the summer period, it gets so hot that the temperature increases up to +35°C – +40°C. By late July, however, the temperature slightly starts to fall. Larissa swimming season ends in the middle of September.

What to choose: a transfer or a taxi?

There are different ways to travel throughout Greece. Larissa is a city with well-developed infrastructure and excellent transport links. You can find Larisa National Airport just 5 kilometers from the town.

You can easily get to the necessary hotel or a resort with the help of a local taxi or a transfer booked in advance.

While picking out the means of transportation, you should determine the best option for you. The tourists primarily reserve a transfer in advance. This prevents difficulties one might face upon arrival in the city.

Larissa transfers, in contrast to local taxis, have fixed prices. You can order this transport beforehand. It will be waiting for you to come, not vice versa. Upon landing, a driver usually meets passengers at the airport. Thus, you will not have to search for a vehicle. Moreover, you will pay for a trip only upon completion of service.

Why travel with Aktis.Taxi?

The beginning of your holiday directly depends on the company you will choose for a transfer implementation. We offer that you order a vehicle from our company because we guarantee you:

  • comfortable travel conditions (air-conditioners, child seats, Wi-Fi);

  • the choice of transport, its capacity, and class;

  • the route and time choices;

  • 24/7 technical support service and an English-speaking driver;

  • no need to make prepayments;

  • additional services upon arrival (meeting at the airport, help with baggage, etc.).

When you pick up a transfer from our company, you can save 20% of the cost of a trip, comparing to city taxis. Moreover, you do not waste your time on waiting, the search of an appropriate car, and avoid the issues related to a language barrier. Make the right choice and book a transfer or an individual taxi to Larissa right now!

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