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Taxi and transfer in Leptokarya Greece

Leptokarya or Leptokaria is one of the resort cities in Greece. It is situated at the foot of Mount Olympus. It has become a very popular destination among tourists thanks to numerous attractions, historical events and close location to the sea.

Leptokarya beach with clear azure waters regularly attracts thousands of tourists. You can get to the city by road or railroad transport.

Holidays in Leptokarya

The tourists usually come to Leptokarya for quiet and measured relaxation on the shores of Thermaikos Bay. However, there are a lot of tourist attractions in the city, which deserve particular attention. Leptokarya has a well-developed infrastructure that includes: the beach, shops, cafes. and restaurants as well as facilities for entertainment.

A distinguished location turns Leptokarya into a wonderful destination for tourists who adore climbing the mountains.

Among the most popular accommodations in the area is Leptokaria Poseidon Palace. It is one of the largest hotel complexes in the city. There is a spacious swimming pool, a hair salon, several shops, cafes, sports grounds and play areas on site.

Leptokarya Poseidon Palace is often visited by visitors from Germany, Denmark, and Poland. Metropole, Great Alexander, and Olympian Bay are among popular hotels either. However, their infrastructure facilities are less developed.

Leptokarya lies in the area with sandy beaches. During holidays in the settlement, many tourists prefer to visit Panteleimon Beach. It lies just 6 kilometers from Leptokaria.

Leptokarya attractions

Mount Olympus is undoubtedly the major landmark of this Greek region. Apart from climbing, Leptokarya invites to visit:

  1. Platamonas Castle (Platamon). The history of the building’s construction is quite long. The caste has undergone several renovations. This was due to the change of the leaders in this part of Greece. Each of them added particular changes to the castle.

  2. The Monastery of St. Dionysios.

  3. The lagoon of Alikes Kitros.

In general, the entire city can be called a landmark. Its streets and temples were built at different times. Nowadays, Leptokarya with its entire historic heritage is regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in Greece.

Leptokarya Greece weather

Leptokaria beach season starts at the beginning of June. However, if the target goal of your journey is to go sightseeing, then you should come at the end of May or early June. During this period, the temperature does not exceed +23°C.

Leptokaria beach season lasts up to the end of September. It often rains in spring and winter. The coldest month is December.

Transfer or taxi – what to choose?

It is quite important to define the means of transport while planning a journey to Leptokaria. In spite of the city’s well-developed infrastructure facilities, its local transport includes only taxis and tourist buses. However, one shouldn’t forget about the transfer service.

A transfer is a comfortable means of transportation about Leptokarya. It is particularly relevant when you wish to come to the city from Thessaloniki or Athens.

While choosing between a transfer from Aktis.Taxi and a city taxi, you should carefully think of benefits each of them provides. Thus, you will undoubtedly choose a transfer. Aktis.Taxi offers its customers the following advantages:

  1. A possibility to choose a route.

  2. There are no prepayments required for booking. Moreover, you can reserve transport in advance.

  3. You will travel with an English-speaking driver.

  4. Upon landing, you will be offered to enjoy additional services free of charge.

  5. Travel and save up to 20% per trip in comparison to a city taxi.

A transfer is an excellent solution for both family and group trips. The customers can form the price of service themselves. Furthermore, they can always stay sure that upon arrival there will be a person who can meet them and help with luggage.

Transfers from Aktis.Taxi

The website of Aktis.Taxi is a specially developed service that allows customers to make a request either for a transfer or a taxi in the desired direction. If you plan to take a trip to Greece, one recommends you to reserve transport beforehand.

When the customers make a request for a vehicle from our transfer company, they can always be sure that they will enjoy a qualitative, reliable and safe service. Upon such a need, a driver will help you with hotel check-in and provide the necessary information. Moreover, he will wait for you in the area of arrivals even if the flight is delayed.

Do not waste your time on a search of a carrier or a taxi driver. Take care of transportation beforehand and enjoy a comfortable trip together with Aktis.Taxi.

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