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Taxi and transfer to Meteora Monasteries Thessaly Greece

In translation from the Greek language, the name of Meteora stands for “elevated or floating in the air.” You can find the rocks in the north of Trikala regional unit, in Greece. These natural formations have a long history.

The first mention of the monasteries in Thessaly dates back from the X century. People regard Meteora Monasteries as one of the major centers of Orthodox religion. We highly recommend that you book a transfer to Meteora Monasteries on the website of Aktis.Taxi beforehand.

Greek Meteora Monasteries

People often regard the mountains of Thessaly as the monastic state. The reason for such a name is quite simple: the rocks provide the basis for Meteora Monasteries. Stone giants are over 600 meters tall. Since 1988, this area entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Hundreds of tourists and pilgrims annually come to experience a bit of Orthodox history.

The size of natural formations is really impressive to the human eye.

Meteora Monasteries history

According to scientists, there are two theories of Meteora origin. The first one regards it as the stone bottom of the former sea that existed in the area a hundred years ago. The second theory states of the existence of a gushing stream there, flowing towards the sea. However, both theories have one common idea: this natural formation emerged over 60 million years ago. The appearance of rocks in the place of a plain is a result of work of harsh winds, the flow of water, the difference in temperature, etc.

The first inhabitants appeared in the area in the IX century. The hermit monks started to inhabit small caves, formed by nature. Later, people built the monasteries on the rocks.

At the time of Turkish raids, one could see small settlements in Meteora that were formed by the hermit monks. At present, most of Meteora Monasteries still work, while other ones open their doors only on the big holidays and periods of the intense flow of pilgrims and tourists.

How to get to Meteora Monasteries?

You can get to Meteora Rocks from Kalambaka. It lies just a few kilometers from Thessaly. The monastic settlements were accessible only via secret passages, suspension bridges, and wooden ladders up till 1920. At present, you can reach the rocks either by bus or a transfer along the paved road.

Visiting Meteora Monasteries becomes especially popular in the summer. The tourists from all over the globe come to enjoy this holy attraction. Thus, to reach the landmark by public transport might be quite problematic. If you want to avoid transport issues, you should better book a transfer. This means of transportation has many advantages: it does not need advance payments and expectation. Moreover, you can book a vehicle upon the necessary route beforehand.

How can I book Meteora Monasteries transfer online?

You can order a transfer to Meteora Rocks on the website of Aktis.Taxi. All you need to do is to follow our simple instructions:

  1. Enter the point of departure and the destination in the corresponding fields.

  2. Indicate the date and the time of a trip implementation.

  3. Select the vehicle, the grade, the number of passengers, and the amount of luggage.

  4. Add additional information to your order.

  5. Finish reservation via your email.

In case if there are any questions, you can always ask our consults for help.

Advantages of a transfer from Aktis.Taxi

By choosing transfers from Aktis.Taxi, you get a rich choice of benefits, among which are:

  • a fixed price;

  • the absence of prepayments;

  • child seats, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning are available in all vehicles free of charge;

  • a multilingual driver;

  • access to technical support 24/7;

  • pay for transportation upon delivery any convenient way.

Do not waste the priceless minutes of your holidays on waiting for a bus. Book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi upon the required route right now!

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