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Tsambika Monastery is one of the sites on the island of Rhodes. The building stands approximately 25 kilometers from the capital of the island. Thousands of pilgrims and believers from around the world annually visit the Monastery of Tsambika. The major secret of such popularity is the icon, preserved in the building.

Tsambika Monastery Rhodes Greece

The monastery building stands in the area between two cities: Rhodes and Lindos, at an altitude of 240 meters above the sea. Its name comes from the word “tsamba” that in translation from a regional dialect stands for a “spark.” The name of the building is related to a legend about the origin of Panagia Tsambika icon that was found on the mountain of Tsambika (known as Zambiki in the past). People consider this relic to be the patroness of a family. Every year, a lot of women come to the Monastery of Tsambika to pray for a child and family welfare.

Tsambika Monastery consists of two buildings. They stand 2 kilometers from each other. To get to the major building of the monastery, you will need to go up to the mountains and cope with 300 stairs. It is noteworthy that the original icon is preserved in the second building, which stands lower. People keep it there due to the favorable conditions for the icon’s state. Only once a year, they move the icon of Panagia Tsambika to the major building. It happens on September 8, which is the birthday of Virgin Mary.

There are small cafés and souvenir shops within the monastery.

In close vicinity to the monastery, you can unwind at Tsambika Beach, regarded as one of the best beaches on Rhodes. A lot of travelers choose this destination for relaxation. On Tsambika Beach, one can admire one of the most beautiful scenes of the Mediterranean Sea on Rhodes.

Tsambika Monastery history

The establishment of the monastery is closely related to the mysterious emergence of Panagia Tsambika icon (an icon of Virgin Mary Tsambika) on the mountain. According to the Tsambika Monastery legend, the icon was found by the shepherd on the Cypress Tree. The holy relic was spreading unusual light all over the tree. As it turned out later, the icon was stolen from one of the monasteries on Cyprus. People gave it back. However, over time, it appeared again in the same place. When the icon disappeared from the monastery for the third time, people decided to establish the monastery on the mountain.

The lower monastery building (Kato Tsambika) is represented by an arch, a small temple, made of white stone, and the chapel.

After passing the way to the second building (Moni Tsambika), travelers see a small church, whose constructions dates back to the XVII century. The icon appeared on the mountain in the XIV century. During a visit to this building, you can see the copy of the icon.

Different sources represent the name of the icon as Panagia Tsambika or Tsambika.

How do I get to the Monastery of Tsambika?

You can get to Tsambika Monastery by bus, a hired vehicle, and a pre-ordered transfer. If you are going to travel by bus, you should note that this route will require that you make one change. The first thing you will need to do is to get to Archangelos. After that, continue a trip to the monastery by taxi or on foot. To make this route easier, save your time and energy, we highly recommend that you book a transfer beforehand. You can do that on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

How do I book a transfer to Tsambika Monastery?

You will need to carry out a few actions on the website of Aktis.Taxi to book a transfer to the Monastery of Tsambika.

  1. Enter the point of departure and the destination in the search bar. Indicate the date and the time of a trip.

  2. Fill out the additional details regarding a booking.

  3. Select the vehicle (its class, cost, and capacity).

  4. Specify contact information.

  5. Confirm booking.

Following the completion of the booking procedure, you can start packing your suitcases and go on a trip.

Why we?

Aktis.Taxi is a carrier company that provides transfer service facilities throughout Greece. We offer our customers:

  • a large and new vehicle fleet;

  • the absence of prepayments;

  • we offer post-paid service, pay any convenient way;

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When you order a transfer or an individual taxi to Tsambika Monastery from Aktis.Taxi, you can save up to 20% of the cost of a trip, comparing to a local city taxi. Do not waste your time on making changes and waiting. Book a comfortable transfer to Tsambika Monastery from Aktis.Taxi right now.

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