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The name of Naxos stands for the island and the ferry port, which are found in the Aegean Sea. It is worthy of note that Naxos is the largest island in the archipelago of the Cyclades. The ferry port of the city services the vessels that depart to the nearby islands of Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrio, Santorini, and other ones set nearby. You can get to Naxos Ferry Port with the help of an individual transfer or a taxi, preordered at the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Port of Naxos Greece description

Naxos Ferry Port is a commercial port of the island. It receives private yachts, boats, ferries, and cruise liners. The port is always full and extremely busy with yachts and fishing boats. During the stroll about the port area, you can also see the ships of the entrepreneurs who often moor their vessels by the docks and offer tourists to take a sea voyage or a journey around the island.

In the evening, the noise produced by the boats, ferries, ships, and speedboats tails away, and the local residents leave their houses to enjoy a stroll along the marina promenade. There are all the things needed for a comfortable stay within the area of the port. Within walking distance, you can find several cafes, restaurants, a bar, a supermarket, souvenir bench, and shops selling fresh seafood.

While mooring the yacht or a speedboat in the port, you do not have to worry about a lack of fuel. You can easily refuel your vessel there. A small tanker with diesel oil supplies comes into the port two times a day.

How to get to Naxos Port?

There are only 4 kilometers between Naxos Airport and Naxos Ferry Port. The distance between the city center and the port area is only 1 kilometer. You can easily overcome this distance on foot. However, if you decide to travel to the city’s remote districts or another island, you should better book a transfer in advance.

This results from the fact that it will be quite problematic for a tourist to get to the port by city taxi or the means of municipal transport. Moreover, a transfer can significantly facilitate your trip, especially if you do not orient in Naxos town well.

The key difference of a transfer from a local city taxi is the driver’s willingness to meet his passengers upon arrival, help them with the baggage, and wait for them in case of the flight delay

Thus, a transfer is a simple and reliable way you can use to get to the Port of Naxos from any place on the island.

How to book a transfer on the website of Aktis.Taxi?

To book a transfer to Naxos Ferry Port, you need:

  • enter the date and the time of the future trip;

  • indicate the points of departure and arrival;

  • select the vehicle and leave comments to your order;

  • enter your email;

  • confirm reservation.

You do not have to make any prepayments. You must enter the names of places in English letters.

Why Aktis.Taxi?

While picking the way of getting to Naxos Ferry Port, you should give your preference to transfers from Aktis.Taxi. There are many reasons to do that:

  1. Economy: save up to 20% per trip.

  2. An English-speaking driver.

  3. A wide range of additional services that are offered free of charge.

  4. Modern grade of comfort.

  5. A wide choice of vehicles.

Stop wasting your time on a search of a taxi or the necessary bus. Book a transfer in the required destination from Aktis.Taxi right now!


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