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Transfer and taxi in the resort settlement  of Nea Kallikratia

Those people who like to spend holidays within a relaxing atmosphere, offered by beautiful nature, choose settlements which are similar to Nea Kallikratia, in Greece. The absence of the harmful influence of modern civilization helps travelers to recharge and gain spiritual harmony within a tranquil setting. The settlement of Nea Kallikratia nestles on the Halkidiki Peninsula. This place enchants, takes your breath and gets you inspired thanks to numerous attractions, set close to each other.

During the stay in the settlement, you may face a necessity to reach the seaport, the airport or a station in Thessaloniki. The best way to do that is to book transfer service. Note that public transport is not a good means to travel about the neighborhood. It always requires the search of the nearest bus stop and makes you stand in long queues to purchase tickets.

However, if you decide to use city taxi facilities, you will notice that those old vehicles are not the ones to trust. Their state and safety leave much to be desired. The best way out is to take care of transportation in advance, at the very beginning of a trip while you are at home.

The cost of a transfer in Nea Kallikratia

The taxi drivers in Greece use taximeters to calculate the price. However, you should get ready for extra charges for the pickup, a call for a taxi, and the entry onto the territory of the station/airport/seaport. Furthermore, at nighttime all the tariffs are doubled. The fees applied for transportation over the paid roads are also added to the final payment. The tariff also increases when the vehicle crosses the tariff zones.

If you wish to avoid all the traffic matters mentioned above, you should choose a comfortable transfer from Aktis.Taxi. Its price includes fees for the length of a route and a class of a vehicle. After you confirm a booking, the price becomes fixed and won’t change upon any reason. You can learn more about the charges for transportation in 2019 during the booking procedure. 

What are the reasons to book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi in Nea Kallikratia? 

  • Quality management. All the new vehicles are regularly inspected by professionals. We hold rigorous recruitment of personnel to ensure the safest transportation to our customers. 

  • Comfort and speed. It takes just a few minutes to make a request for transfer service. You do not have to speak the foreign language of a country you go in or enter any data of your bank card. 

  • Rich choice of services. We provide vehicles of the economy and business class (Mercedes-Benz E, S), and minibusses as well (Mercedes-Benz Vito). 

  • All the customers are guaranteed to enjoy door-to-door service. Right at the airport, you will be met by your personal driver. He will help with baggage and get you acquainted with a picturesque settlement. 

How to book transfer service in Nea Kallikratia in Greece? 

  1. Choose the place of departure/destination, the date/time, when you need a vehicle to be served, in the booking form. 

  2. Select the class of a vehicle. 

  3. Leave contacts and special requirements. 

  4. Confirm booking via email. 

  5. Pay for service upon its completion.

If there are any difficulties with booking or questions, do not hesitate to contact our online-consultants who work for your convenience 24 hours a day. 

Enjoy marvelous landscapes of Greek nature and comfortable transportation together with Aktis.Taxi!

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