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Taxi and Transfer to Olympic Riviera


At the times when God was constructing the Olympic Riviera, he picked all the best for his little Paradise on Earth: he took the green color, added some blue, he put the mountains right next to the sea – and provided a unique environment that astonishes and captures breath.



Olympic Riviera is not the name of a fashionable hotel as you might think at first. This name stands for a continuous coastline stretching far away for 70 kilometers by the foot of Mount Olympus. In Greek Mythology, this place was described as the mountain of the gods.


The Olympic Riviera nestles in the prefecture (region) that is called Pieria. This area is easy to reach by taxi from Thessaloniki. The trip will take you less than one hour. However, if you appreciate comfort, safety, and services of the highest quality, you should better book a transfer.


Holidays in the Olympic Riviera, Greece


The Olympic Riviera offers plenty of options to spend your Greek holidays with pleasure and for fun: the azure sea, endless beaches with golden sands, exquisite nature, boasting with its greenery and beauty, entertainment for all tastes and for all ages, traditional Greek cuisine, comfortable accommodations supplied with new-age amenities, plenty of annual events, and impressing monuments of architecture. All those opportunities and even more will help to make this trip a truly unforgettable experience.



Weather in the Olympic Riviera


The climate within the Olympic Riviera is considered to be one of the best ones in Greece. This results from its proximity to the mountains, which moderate the temperature: in the summer, it varies from 27 to 35°C; during the winter season, you can enjoy mild and warm weather.



The sea gets warm enough to bring you endless joy and pleasure all summer through. However, many tourists choose the Olympic Riviera for a visit in the off-peak season. It is the time when the area becomes less crowded and you can still enjoy the warm waters.


The Olympic Riviera Attractions


The endless beaches are undoubtedly the foremost attraction of the Olympic Riviera. Have you ever seen anything more astonishing than ten kilometers of golden sands adjoined to the crystal pure sea with the imaginary beauty of nature in the background?



The Olympic Riviera is the home for several famous resorts: Olympiaki Akti, Paralia, Platamonas, and Leptokarya. However, you can also find much more peaceful and less popular places there. The area provides all types of accommodations to all budgets and tastes: camping sites, big and small studios and apartments.



If you plan a sightseeing tour about Pieria, do not forget to include the following landmarks on the route: the Archaeological Museum in Dion or Dio (the village, where you can see the artifacts of Hellenic and Roman culture), the city of Pydna, the city of Virgina with its world-famous tombs of the Macedonian Kings, the Castle of Platamonas, Byzantine churches and temples that have preserved local history and secrets for their guests.



The nature lovers will like this place for the incomparable beauty of local canyons, rainfalls of Mount Olympus, flora and fauna of Pieria. Be sure that you will remember this trip for long!



Do not miss visiting the local market. It is a true treasure trove for shoppers: plenty of souvenirs, items of popular arts, jewelry from local craftsmen, and fashionable clothes – this place has everything your soul could wish to keep the memories about the trip.


Multilingual Transfer to the Olympic Riviera


Taxi is a widespread service in Greece. However, the taxi drivers do not speak any other language except the Greek. If there are any questions, you can hardly get the necessary answer.



The best solution in such case is to book our transfer with a personal driver, who speaks your language. In addition, you will be provided with a 24-hour customer support service. Be sure that all your questions and problems will be solved right the next minute.


The Cost of a Transfer to the Olympic Riviera


The beaches of the Olympic Riviera are set close to Thessaloniki. Thus, it won’t take you much time to get there by taxi. However, if you decide to use the service of a city taxi, you should get prepared to pay for out-of-service time, extra amounts of baggage, and all other extra amenities. Furthermore, the level of comfort provided by the city taxi leaves much to be desired.


When you book a transfer, which can be booked online on our website, you are guaranteed comfort and an opportunity to save money. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for a child seat, Wi-Fi, and other facilities that are usually paid in taxis. You pay only for the length of a route: 1 euro per 1 kilometer. The price may increase due to the class of a selected vehicle and a number of passengers.


Advantages of a Transfer from Aktis.Taxi


If you plan a trip to the Olympic Riviera and wish to book a comfortable transfer, you can place a request directly on our website or use a handy mobile application. Thus, you will get a number of advantageous options and services:


  • a multilingual driver, who will meet you with a name-tag in his hands at the indicated place;
  • a customer support service that is available at your disposal 24 hours a day; it helps to solve problems and provides necessary information about the stay in a foreign country;
  • a modern vehicle fleet is equipped with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi;
  • the seats for children are offered at no cost;
  • the driver provides help with luggage and check-in upon request;
  • you pay for transportation only upon the completion of a trip;
  • you travel with comfort and save money thanks to the absence of hidden costs and commissions.















Nature has provided the Olympic Riviera with a unique environment and charming atmosphere. Book a transfer today and let Aktis.Taxi take care of your transportation in Pieria tomorrow!





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