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Transfer and taxi in Rethymno

Rethymno (or Rethymnon) is the heart of Crete. It provides an enchanting setting to spend one of the greatest vacations in Greece. Its landscapes blend the turquoise sea, splashing by the area with 4500 years old history, numerous Byzantine churches, monasteries, Venetian monuments, endless beaches, grottos, gorges, unique flora, and fauna.

While planning to take a trip to one of the most beautiful locations in Greece, one should not forget about transportation. The most convenient service, which guarantees a comfortable and safe trip, is a transfer. You can book it online and enjoy plenty of advantageous amenities upon arrival in Greece.

Holidays in Rethymno, Greece

People know Rethymno as the home of Zeus, the god of hospitality. The settlement welcomes a rich flow of tourist every year. This further demonstrates the words of a poet who said: “Rethymno is a place you always have a desire to return to”. Whenever you go, even to its most remote part, people will gladly open the doors of their home for you, treat with Greek Raki, and become your friends forever.

Weather in Rethymno

The island of Crete belongs to the Mediterranean climatic zone. That is why you can experience light and damp winters with a small amount of precipitation on the coastal area and snow in the mountains, which alternate with hot and dry summer. The average temperature during the year varies from 11 to 26°C. Strong northern and southern winds also have a significant influence on the formation of local weather.














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Average rainfall (mm)













Attractions of Rethymno

Rethymno is a great place to discover. There are many historical monuments and unique antiquities in it. Rest assured that the question “What places to visit in Rethymno?” won’t disturb you within this scenic location.

One of the most significant landmarks found on the territory of Crete is the Arkadi Monastery. It stands 23 kilometers from Rethymno, on the north-west slope of Mount Ida.

The next attraction that is regarded as one of the most popular in the city is the Venetian Fortezza. This unique building has perfectly preserved some of its quarters up to modern times, such as barracks, the church, the hospital, warehouses, the residence of consultants and chancellor as well as a magnificent building set on the main square of the fortress. In summer, this place hosts the Rethymnon Renaissance Festival.

When you visit  the Old Town of Rethymnon, you can enjoy the features of the Ottoman rule influence, which blend with Venetian architecture. Walking along the streets of the city’s historic center, you can find a great diversity of Venetian and Turkish monuments. The Old Town of Rethymnon is the living history of Rethymno. It invites you to take an exciting trip in the far past and enjoy its authentic atmosphere.

Another visit card of the city is  the Carnival of Rethymno. Thanks to the help of its residents, the central streets of the city change their look for a few days and turn into a home for a joyful non-stop celebration.

Multilingual transfer in Rethymno

You can hardly find a taxi driver who perfectly speaks English in Greece. However, you can use the facilities of Aktis.Taxi that will gladly provide one of its multilingual drivers for your comfort. In addition, you will get access to a customer support service, operating on a 24-hour basis. This can become a huge advantage for those travelers who do not speak Greek. Upon arrival, you may have a lot of questions related to different issues.

However, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to get all the necessary answers from Aktis.Taxi or travel by taxi and get none. Think twice and you will make sure that a private transfer is the best choice!

The cost of a transfer to Rethymno

Rethymno is accessible from different settlements found on Crete. The most comfortable way to get in the city is to book a transfer in advance. How much does it cost? The price directly depends on the route and its length.

What is the difference between a transfer and a city taxi? The answer is quite simple: when you choose a transfer, there is no need to pay for excess baggage, traffic jams, and all sorts of delays on the way. Moreover, you get high-quality service and plenty of free amenities if compared to a city taxi.

Note that 1 kilometer by a private vehicle from our transfer company will cost you just 1 euro or a little more (due to the vehicle class). You can see the cost of a trip on a screen during the booking procedure. Rest assured that the price won’t change till the end of a journey.

Advantages of a transfer from Aktis.Taxi

Our transfer company provides a service of the highest grade. You will easily convince yourself when start making a booking online or via a handy mobile application.

What benefits does our company guarantee to customers?

  1. You are offered to choose between vehicles of different classes for individual and group purposes.

  2. The customers know the price before their trip starts. Furthermore, it is fixed and will not change.

  3. We provide the child seats free of charge.

  4. Your personal multilingual driver will meet you upon arrival in the airport or at the platform with a name-tag in his hands.

  5. Pay after the trip ends. You can use cash or bank payment.

  6. All the vehicles in the car fleet include air-conditioners and free Wi-Fi.

Come to discover one of the most gorgeous places in Greece in a comfortable vehicle from Aktis.Taxi. Let yourself forget about traffic matters and feel true joy!

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