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The town of Samos or Vathi is an administrative center of Samos Island. During ancient times, its port was considered to be one of the most developed seaports among the islands of the Eastern Sporades archipelago. The ancient writers sang of the beauty of Samos. At present, we have an excellent opportunity to visit the city and see its enchanting environment with our own eyes.

Samos holiday

The city of Samos, as well as the island, features its unique color and atmosphere. Considering that people grow grapes on the island, the roots of local winemaking culture go back to the times of antiquity. Even Hippocrates and Galen mentioned the peculiar taste of Samos wine. A special type of wine that is produced on the island has a name of Vathi. You should necessarily try it. Apart from the wines, people produce bryndza on the island.

The diversity of Samos Island beaches can please the demand of any visitor with its well-developed areas for recreation and the wild ones. Some Samos hotels feature their private beaches like Samos Bay Hotel by Gagou Beach. The most popular hotels on the island are Ino Village Hotel, Mirini Hotel, and Samos Hotel. They all have the perfect location and offer modern infrastructure facilities.

Samos Island attractions

Samos Archaeological Museum enters the list of Samos top attractions. The building exhibits great plenty of artifacts that prove the island’s long history and its grace. According to the archaeological findings from the settlement of Pifagorio, people had already inhabited the island in the III century BC. While exploring the museum, do not forget to draw your attention to the column set in the open air.

The ancient aqueduct is another exciting attraction of Samos Island. People set it to provide the island with fresh water. The Port of Samos has its unique history as well. Many years ago, people built the causeway, which did not survive till nowadays.

If you like to listen to the history of wine, then you should necessarily visit the Samos Wine Museum.

It is noteworthy that Samos was the home for one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Temple of Hera. The legend says that she was born on Samos.

A lot of tourists also visit the settlement of Pifagorio, which is dedicated to the world-famous mathematician. Just a few kilometers away from Pifagorio, you can see the cave which served as the home for this outstanding person.

Samos weather

The warm Mediterranean climate dominates in the city and on the island as well. Samos summers are always hot, while the winters are warm and rainy. The Samos beach season starts at the end of May and continues up till the beginning of October. The highest temperature establishes in August (air: +32°C – +35°C, water: +25°C). Samos June is dry and warm. It brings the air temperature of +28°C and heats the water to +22°C. In July, it is getting hotter: the air warms up to +31°C – +33°C, while the water reaches comfortable +23°C – +24°C.

It is noteworthy that thanks to the regular warm winds, the sun does not heat the ground.

How to get to Samos?

You can find the city 15 kilometers away from Samos Airport and only 2 kilometers from the Port of Samos. To get to the required destination upon arrival to the port/airport, you should better use the facilities of a transfer. The reason for this is a poorly-developed transport link in the city. Regarding Samos taxi service, one should mention that its cost is very high for tourists.

That is why most travelers prefer to take care of transportation beforehand and book a transfer. When you choose a transfer, you save both time and money. In return, you get comfortable travel conditions and a fixed cost of a trip. It is not influenced by the season of the year, traffic jams, and delays.

You can book Samos taxi or an individual transfer on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Why book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi

Aktis.Taxi is a carrier company whose target mission is to deliver passengers at the required place at minimal cost and with a maximum of comfort. Here are our advantages:

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  • assistance for free (meeting at the airport, help with hotel check-in, and baggage);

  • multilingual drivers;

  • 24/7 technical support.

When the customers select transfers from Aktis.Taxi, they also get an opportunity to save up to 20% of the cost of the trip, compared to a local Samos taxi.

Book the necessary route on the website of Aktis.Taxi right now and experience high quality of comfort upon arrival to Greece!

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