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Samos is one of the islands of the Eastern Sporades archipelago. There are a lot of legends connected to Samos Islands you might hear about. The only thing we know for sure is that this island is the place of birth of Pythagoras. Samos Island has an ancient history. There are a lot of Samos tourist attractions in the administrative center you should necessarily visit upon arrival. There is no better way to move within the island than by a transfer. You can book a transfer or a taxi on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Things you should know about Samos

The history of the island, as well as the theories of its emergence, attracts tourists from all over the globe. According to one of those theories, the territory of Samos Island was under the water many centuries ago and was the part of Little Asia. However, after the glacier period, this area got off the water. The mountainous relief of Samos Island is one of the evidences of this theory.

Herodotus sang the island many centuries ago. He emphasized the island’s natural beauty and its unique air. At present, only experienced tourists mention these features.

The city of Samos is the capital of the island with the same name. The port of Samos city caters to the needs of the vessels, coming from the nearby islands. Its close location to Turkey provides a possibility for the international vessels moor by the shores of this amazing island.

The climbing routes are also a popular facility for the entertainment of tourists coming to Samos. The highest point of the island is the peak of Mount Kerkis (1.434 meters). You can see it almost from any place of the mountain. After the travelers finish climbing Mount Kerkis, they see breathtaking views of the nearby villages and the islands.

While planning a trip to Samos Island, you should think of the route and book a transfer in advance to experience local beauty and landscapes to the full extent.

Samos Island transfers

There are two ways to get to Samos Island: by sea and air transport. Samos Airport stands 15 kilometers from the island’s capital. The Port of Samos is found only 2 kilometers from the city center. Thus, you will need to take a taxi or use the facilities of a pre-ordered transfer to get to the necessary resort. This necessity results from the fact that local buses run quite seldom.

While choosing between a transfer and Samos taxi, you should better pick up the first means of transport. Why? The thing is that a transfer is always a convenient, inexpensive and fast way to get to the necessary part of the island without problems. You can book a transfer for transportation within the island of Samos on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

Samos transfer prices

The cost of transfers varies depending on the following criteria:

  1. The number of passengers.

  2. The class of a vehicle.

  3. Distance (the length from the point of departure to Samos hotels, a city, Samos Island attractions or a particular resort).

You can learn the estimated cost of a trip on the website of Aktis.Taxi. If there are any difficulties, you can always ask a consultant for help.

How to order a transfer on Samos Island?

1. Enter the points of departure and arrival.

Start typing the name of a place and choose the required destination from the drop-down menu.

2. Select the vehicle and fill in the additional data.

3. Confirm booking and take a trip with pleasure.

If you are going to come to Samos Island by plane, you also need to indicate the time of landing and the flight number. Upon landing at Samos Airport, you will see a driver holding a welcome sign with your name on it.

Why choose a transfer from Aktis.Taxi?

While going on a holiday to Greece, the tourists often forget to take care of their transportation in advance. Upon arrival, each of them faces the question of how to get to the necessary hotel or a resort. The carrier company Aktis.Taxi is ready to assume the responsibility for your transportation. Aktis.Taxi is a well-coordinated team that works to provide efficient service, save your time, and make you avoid the issues related to a search of a local taxi. By choosing the service of our company, you get:

  • comfortable travel conditions;

  • meeting at the airport;

  • no prepayments;

  • a wide choice of vehicles;

  • pay upon delivery to the required place any convenient way;

  • English-speaking drivers;

  • help upon arrival.

You can book a transfer to the necessary direction within Samos right now.

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