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Transfer and taxi to Sfendoni Cave Crete, Greece

Sfendoni Cave is one of the most famous caves on the island of Crete. The most distinctive feature of this landmark is the availability of three different sedimentary rocks: stalactites, stalagmites, and stalagnates. Moreover, the cave is the home for several species of animals. If you plan to travel to Sfendoni Cave during holidays on Crete, then we highly recommend you to think of transportation beforehand.

Sfendoni Cave

The cave of Sfendoni is one of the major attractions on the island. It is situated 1 kilometer from the settlement of Zoniana. This natural formation comprises eleven halls. However, only five of them are open for visiting. This results from the size of these halls.

The total area open for tourists covers just 270 meters, while the total area of the landmark comprises 3.000 square meters. You can visit Sfendoni Cave only with a guide. The tickets are sold in the kiosk right by the entrance to the cave.

One should also mention that it is prohibited to take flash pictures or touch the walls of natural formation. These actions can damage the cave’s ecosystem. The cave is equipped with a special lighting system that provides a beautiful setting and is harmless to the rocks.

Sfendoni Cave history

It is impossible to define the date when the cave appeared. The first excavations were held there only in 1966. The archaeologists have found the clay pottery and ancient tools. This shows that the cave served as the refuge and the warehouse right since the Neolithic period.

According to the stories of local people, the cave got its name after the rebel Sfendonis. He found the cave and hired there for some time. Furthermore, in one of the halls, the archaeologists have found the skeleton of a boy. It dates back from the XII century. Thus, this hall obtained the name of the “Lost Boy Cavern.”

It is quite interesting that 1 centimeter of natural formations requires 100 years to grow. It is hard to imagine, how many years did it take the nature to create such a unique attraction!

How to reach Sfendoni Cave?

You can access the cave either by a transfer or a rented car. If your holiday tour includes a visit to the cave of Sfendoni, then you can reach this attraction by tourist bus. Local tour operators seldom offer tours to Sfendoni. The thing is that an excursion lasts about 45 minutes.

The best solution for tourists who want to visit the cave is booking a transfer or taxi. You can reserve transport to the cave of Sfendoni on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

How to book a transfer online?

In order to book a transfer to Sfendoni Cave, you have to carry out the following steps on the website of Aktis.Taxi:

  1. Fill in the basic form on the website (point of departure, drop-off location, date and the number of passengers).

  2. Select the most suitable vehicle and specify contact information.

  3. Finish reservation.

Note that one takes no prepayments. The cost of a trip is always fixed.

Why choose Aktis.Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is a transfer booking service in Greece. Our company provides both group and individual transportation to the required destination. We offer all our customers to enjoy the following benefits during the trip:

  • the absence of prepayments;

  • a wide choice of vehicles;

  • provision of necessary support;

  • Wi-Fi and air-conditioning in every vehicle;

  • an English-speaking driver;

  • the fixed cost;

  • 24/7 technical support.

Do not waste your time waiting. Book a taxi transfer from Aktis.Taxi and enjoy a comfortable journey about Greece!


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