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Individual Transfer in Stavros

The resort area of Stavros is famous for its nature. It is surrounded by the green hills from the side of the mountains. In the upper part of Stavros, you can see the Castle of Rentina, dating back from the times of Byzantine rule.

The settlement also boasts of wonderful beach with the blue sea, beaming in the sunlight. The lower area of the resort is rather lively: you can find the finest facilities for entertainment for all tastes there.

Many tourists think it essential to visit the neighborhood of Stavros during the stay. The need to get into the airport, the railway or bus station, or seaport is rather frequent as well. There is a perfect service that really helps in such a situation – a low-cost taxi.

There are many people who do not like to use facilities offered by public transport. The reasons are easy to understand: one has to look for the nearest stop in the foreign country, deal with buying the tickets, stand in long queues with heavy luggage and small children – what makes you get exhausted on half a way. Furthermore, the service of city taxis is also hard to rely on: the quality and state of their cars leave much to be desired.

That’s why to take care of a trip in advance is much easier and comfortable: you have to spend a just a few minutes, while you are at home or in a hotel, to prevent spoilt time and enjoy the high-grade transportation and entire safety from the very first minute of arrival in a foreign country.

The cost of a transfer in Stavros

How much does it cost to book a taxi in Stavros? The taxi drivers usually use taximeters to calculate the price. However, they also apply extra fees for pickup at the indicated place, telephoning for collection, and the entry to the area of almost every station or seaport.

At night, the prices increase and get practically doubled. Note that the fees applied for paid roads will be also added to the final price. Moreover, when you cross the tariff zones, the charges get significantly increased either but you find out that only after the trip ends.

When you book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi, you can forget about the issues mentioned above. Only the distance and a selected car brand can influence the price. Pay attention that the system will indicate the cost of a transfer while you make a booking, and it will not change upon the end of a journey. If you wish to discover the price for service for 2018-2019, you have to start filling out the booking form at the top of the page (in such a case, it is not obligatory to complete the booking).

What are the reasons to book a transfer from Aktis.Taxi in Stavros?

  1. The quality of service is under control. We provide new vehicles, which undergo regular inspections, checks, and commissions. The drivers have been carefully selected to ensure the best level of safety during transportation.

  2. Speed and comfort. It will take you just 2 minutes to make a booking. There is no need to speak a certain language or make a prepayment.

  3. The diversity of vehicles. The car fleet of Aktis.Taxi comprises both the vehicles of the economy and premium class (Mercedes-Benz E- and S-class). If you plan to travel with friends, you will be offered to book a minibus (for example, Mercedes-Benz Vito or Sprinter).

  4. Door-to-door service. A personal driver will meet you anywhere you would like to. He will also assist you with baggage and give plenty of useful tips, related to the best attractions, their location, local customs, and interesting traditions that are cultivated in Greece.

How to book a transfer in Stavros, Greece?

Find a booking form at the top of the article. Then, choose a place of departure and enter the destination. Do not forget to mention the date and time of a future trip. In the same booking form, you can book a return transfer either.

After you do the necessary manipulations, the system will transfer you on the page with a list of vehicles available in Stavros. You should choose the one which meets your demands most of all. In the fields for contact information, you can leave special requests. Perhaps, some of you may need a child seat? It might also occur that you would like to make sure that the selected vehicle will have a bit of extra space for your bike?

To finish the request of a transfer, you should check your email for a letter from Aktis.Taxi. By responding it, you confirm booking.

Note that we take no prepayments. You pay for service only upon its completion.

If there are still any problems with placing a request for transfer or any questions left, we offer you consult our online-consultants who work 24 hours a day.

Let the worries related to transportation to Aktis.Taxi. Make yourself comfortable and simply enjoy the beauty of Greece!

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