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Transfer and Taxi from Thessaloniki Bus Station

Thessaloniki is the main city of Northern Greece and the second most important one after Athens. The distance from Thessaloniki Bus Station “Macedonia” to the city center is 5 kilometers. The station is easy to access not only through the center. You can also get there via a new western crossroad, which has a direct link to the ring road of Thessaloniki.

However, you will have to put plenty of effort to get there by public transport. Even such a usual thing as a taxi trip may turn into a challenge because of a great passenger traffic, constant traffic jams as wellas aged vehicle fleet. One couldn’t miss to notice language problems. Aktis.Taxi is a magic wand, which can solve all the difficulties, which refer to transportation!

Bus Station “Macedonia”

People know Thessaloniki Bust Station as Macedonia InterCity Bus Terminal. The post is the most important bus station in Thessaloniki. It is the biggest one in entire Greece! It stands in the western area of a town.

One started to build Thessaloniki Bus Station in 1996. Officially, the post was presented to passengers In September 2002.

Direction of traffic

Macedonia Inter City caters the needs of 20 – 25 thousand travelers and 800 routes to different cities throughout Greece. Several of them also provide transportation to Bulgaria, Albania, and Germany. From this bus station you can leave for Crete, Kerkyra, and Zakynthos. KTEL is a company, which possesses “Macedonia” and controls routes in it. The bus terminal services 41 routes (several of them circulate within International level).

Terminal building

“Macedonia” provides passengers with a well-developed infrastructure. It is equipped due to the latest technology: passengers can enjoy air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, visit a cafeteria or a restaurant and use cash machines on its territory. You can also find luggage storage facilities and a parking lot there.


Official website:

Address: 244 Giannitson str, Thessaloniki, Greece P.C. 54628

Online timetable in English:

Tel: +30 231 059 5400

Advantages of Transfer from Aktis.Taxi

All the bus stations in Greece are set up so that the platforms and the bus ticket offices are divided by regions. It means that you will have to spend a great deal of time searching for the right platform. It may also happen that a city taxi brings you up to a wrong platform or bus ticket office. You can avoid this terrifying mistake if you choose our transfer.

During a trip, you can discuss all the necessary questions with our multilingual chauffeur, who can also help with the luggage. In case if you need an airport transfer, the driver will meet you with a name tag directly on the platform of your bus.

Our car fleet is young and well-equipped: all the vehicles are air-conditioned and ensure free Wi-Fi. In addition, we offer a possibility to choose automobiles of various classes online.

We offer a high level of service and the cost for our transfer might even be less expensive than transporting by city taxi.

The final payment is applied only after the trip ends. The price won’t change from the moment of booking on our website. If necessary, you can also request for a child seat free of charge.

Do not waste any minute of a priceless vacation for a search of the necessary platform, stop, vehicle or standing in a queue. Book a transfer today and enjoy planning your shiny tomorrow!

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