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Tinos Island is one of the centers of beach recreation in the Cyclades group of islands. Herewith, the intentions of the tourists and the Greeks, which come to the island, are far from enjoying Tinos Island beaches only. There are a lot of sites on the island. Many of them have a relation to religion. Thus, most travelers visit Tinos to pray to saints and touch the treasures of the world culture.

A sightseeing journey about the island can be better achieved by a transfer. You can reserve a taxi or an individual Tinos Island transfer on the website of Aktis.Taxi.

What is Tinos Greece like

The Greek Island of Tinos lies in the northern area of the Cyclades archipelago. You will not find Tinos Airport as the island does not have it. However, it has well-developed maritime traffic. The nearest airport stands on the island of Mykonos. You can easily access it from Tinos Island by a ferry or a speedboat. The vessels also provide a link to many nearby islands, among which are Crete and Paros. A lot of vessels also deliver passengers from Athens to Tinos Island.

The church of Panagia Evangelistria (Virgin Mary) is the pearl of the island. People established the building at the beginning of the XIX century. While establishing the Tinos Greece church, the archaeologists had found Our Lady of Tinos icon, regarded as lost many years ago. This holy relic was found thanks to the visions seen by the local nun Pelagia. She showed the place one had to search the icon.

As for other exciting Tinos Island tourist attractions and relics, one should mention that it will be rather interesting to visit the Archaeological Museum of Tinos that stands in Tinos town. During an excursion, you can see the ancient sun clock as well as many artifacts found during the excavations.

The most interesting beaches you should necessarily visit during the stay on the Island of Tinos are Agios Fokas Beach and Kionia Beach. On the second beach, you can visit the archaeological site. It is open for visitors on weekdays.

Transfer on Tinos Island

Since the island does not have its airport and one can get to it only by sea transport, most of the local bus routes were set with this in mind. In the summer, it will be more expedient to move within the island by a transfer. This choice results from the fact that all the buses on the island run upon a particular route, and taxis are an expensive means of transport.

Thus, a transfer is a comfortable and inexpensive way to access any point on the island. Compared to Tinos Island taxi, you can book a transfer online, long before a trip. Moreover, it is up to you to choose the route and the vehicle. The cost of a transfer is always fixed and does not depend on any factors.

The cost of Tinos Island transfer

To learn the estimated cost of a journey, you will need to enter the point of departure and the destination on the website of Aktis.Taxi. Then, the price will vary due to vehicle class, the number of passengers, and the length of a route.

You can clarify all the necessary details by contacting a consultant online.

How to order a transfer on Tinos Island Greece

Step 1: Enter information about an order (points of departure and arrival, the date, time, and the number of passengers).

Step 2: Select the vehicle and fill in additional details regarding the order.

Step 3: Confirm booking and go on a journey.

You can ask about the availability of transfers on the website of Aktis.Taxi. One requires no prepayments. You can pay per trip upon its completion any convenient way.

Why Aktis.Taxi?

Aktis.Taxi is the best way to get to the required destination and avoid wasting your time on unpleasant surprises, waiting for public transport, and making changes. Furthermore, by choosing transfers from Aktis.Taxi, you can save up to 20% of the cost of a trip, compared to Tinos Island taxi prices.

Individual transfers from Aktis.Taxi are an excellent choice for people who travel in Greece with their families and in big groups of friends or colleagues. When you choose the service of our company, you also get:

  • comfortable travel conditions;

  • the absence of waiting time and changes;

  • a wide choice of vehicles of different capacity and class;

  • the availability of additional services free of charge (help with baggage and check-in, the search of ATM, etc.);

  • Wi-Fi and air-conditioning in every vehicle;

  • English-speaking drivers;

  • 24/7 technical support.

Book a comfortable Tinos Island transfer on the website of Aktis.Taxi beforehand and spend your holiday time on relaxation only.

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