Upon landing at one of the airports in Greece, each traveler has a wish to start his perfect vacation as soon as possible. While looking for the fastest and most convenient way of transportation, most of them give their preference to a transfer service – the order of a taxi that will meet them right at the airport and deliver upon the required route. What may lie ahead booking a transfer? What are its advantages? Let us have a closer look.

What benefits do travelers enjoy when they book a transfer?

Each traveler who books a transfer can choose the vehicle class and model by himself. He will be offered to choose a vehicle of “Standard,” “Comfort,” and “Premium” classes. You can choose a light vehicle, a minivan or a minibus. Herewith, the cabin occupancy may range from 3 to 16 passengers. All transport provides separate space for luggage. It usually coincides with the number of passengers appropriate for a specific transport.

A transfer taxi can be ordered in sufficient time in advance. This allows clients to rest assured that the necessary transport will wait for them upon arrival at the airport. A driver of a transfer taxi meets his passengers with a name-tag and helps with luggage.

Before a transfer taxi leaves upon a specific route, it undergoes a full inspection of the technical condition, cleaning service, and a car wash. You will have no doubts related to the competence of the drivers. As a rule, these people have enough experience and professional driving skills. They are always comfortable and safe to drive with.

Some companies take partial or full prepayment. Aktis Taxi does not do that. You can pay to a driver in cash only upon the completion of a trip. A transfer service takes care of its passengers. That is why it guarantees the absence of hidden charges. In the case, if your plans suddenly change, you can cancel an order at no cost.

Why is it advantageous to order a transfer taxi to the airport?

The booking of a transfer taxi to the airport is a beneficial option for any traveler. There is no longer a need to look for ways of getting to a hotel, a landmark or upon the required route. Furthermore, it saves a lot of time. A transfer taxi comes a bit earlier and waits for its passengers. In the case of a flight delay, passengers do not have to pay for waiting. Travelers do not need to sit at the airline lounge, look for a bus station or stand in a long line to catch a taxi available at the airport.

Cost efficiency is another advantage of booking a transfer: each trip has a fixed cost that is not based on the figures of the taximeter. You can learn the estimated cost of your journey during the reservation procedure by selecting the points of departure and arrival.

Furthermore, the transfer service Aktis Taxi provides its clients with a range of privileges, for example:

  • the provision of a driver who speaks English;
  • the absence of advance payments and the freezing of funds on a payment card;
  • the possibility of installing child seats;
  • help with check-in at one of the hotels in the country;
  • 24/7 support for all clients.

You can order a transfer to any airport in Greece via the link.

Aktis Taxi guarantees fixed prices at reduced tariffs, high quality of service, and pleasant impressions from trips. There is no tariff division into the nigh-time and day-time rates. The drivers are ready to provide their passengers with maximum comfort 24/7.