A taxi is a popular means of transportation in Greece. Everyone uses it as it is convenient and practical, especially if you decided to take a trip spontaneously, and it is necessary to reach a certain destination as quickly as possible. If you have to get in somewhere on time, you should better book a transfer. It is less costly and provides a possibility to select a vehicle with a maximum level of comfort.

The average price for using a taxi service in Greece ranges from 80 cents up to €1 per one kilometer. Moreover, get ready to pay €1.3 for hailing a cab. After that, the price will be set on the basis of mileage. The price is lower within the city. However, when you go outside the town, the fees almost get doubled.

The night time taxi cost: from 00:00 till 05:00 is €2.

Moreover, there is a particular margins system, depending on the situation:

• minimum charge for a night time taxi – €3.5;
• telephoning for collection – €1.5 – 1.6;
• order to the airport - €3 – 3.5;
• oversized or bulky luggage – 0.5 – 1.

The final payment may significantly increase (and almost doubled) if compared to the one, set at the very beginning of a journey. You should know about this peculiarity before you move to a hotel or travel around the city by taxi.

An important rule – clarify the data of a taximeter when a taxi picks you up. A driver is obliged to dump the indicators and prove the absence of fraud.

The cost of taxi in Athens Greece

The cost of a taxi in Athens is about 0.74 euro cents per kilometer. It is not expensive if you take into account the quality of life on the largest megapolis in Greece. The night time taxi tariff in Athens starts from €1.29.
One hour of waiting for a passenger varies from €11 to €12. Moreover, there is a particular system of margins for the transportation of oversized baggage. It ranges from €0.5 per one suitcase, weighing more than 10 kilograms.
To request a taxi to the airport will cost you about €40.

The cost of taxi in Thessaloniki

The cost of taxi service in Thessaloniki does not differ from the one in the capital. You will have to pay from €0.75 to 0.90 per one kilometer. Telephoning for collection will cost no more than €2. Starting from 00.00 till 6.00-5.00, you will have to pay by 1.5-2 more times for service, depending on the taxi service provider.

Thessaloniki features a well-developed network of public transport. However, if you prefer fast transportation in the city, you should better call a taxi. The average cost of a trip is €20-25.

The cost of taxi in Crete

Most of the services on Crete are much pricier in compared to facilities of the mainland area. And it is not surprising. Crete is regarded as the center of tourism in Greece. People spend most of their money right here. It is also the key reason why the demand for taxi services is rather high, and the price of €1.5 per 1 kilometer will not surprise anyone.
The night time tariffs on Crete increase by 1.5-2 more times, as on the mainland territories.
The most popular destinations are Chania Airport and the Heraklion Ferry Port. The direct delivery from Heraklion Airport to the city will cost you about €50. Transportation from the airport to the city of Chania will cost €200.

Taxi prices in Rhodes Greece

Rhodes is a popular tourist destination. The cost of a trip by taxi here starts from €60. You will have to pay €30 for delivery from Rhodes International “Diagoras” Airport to the city. The trip will take just 25 minutes.
A journey from Pastida Airport takes about 13 minutes and costs €13.
There are several taxi providers on the island. Among them are local companies and the representatives of the nationwide taxi operators.

Corfu taxi prices

A taxi on the island of Corfu costs from 30 to 40 euros for a 15-20-minute trip. The most popular route for taxis is from Corfu Airport to the city which provides the best facilities for entertainment and accommodation.
Corfu taxi prices vary. It all depends on the taxi service provider and its beneficial offers. Some companies do not take into account the time spent on waiting for a customer at the airport if their passenger is late due to reasons beyond his control. Other providers offer free waiting during the business negotiations and meetings of their passengers.

The peculiarities of hiring a taxi in Greece

When a customer calls for a taxi, he will have to pay for this service. Advance booking is one of the most unusual features of Greek taxis. Moreover, the time spent on waiting for a passenger will cost a lot. The most practical way to use the taxi service is to catch a vehicle at the airport or a place which is situated close to the required hotel. However, even in such a case, you should be quite attentive to avoid fraud.

There are no “illegal” taxis in Greece as it is forbidden by the law. However, there are particular drivers who want to make some money on inexperienced tourists. If the customer does not know the real mileage to the hotel, he risks to be involved into a fraud, which includes a ride around the necessary place, and, as a result, to pay a big deal of money for service.

The law also prohibits taking strangers into the cabin if there is already a passenger in it. However, if that passenger would not mind it, such an option is also possible. However, due to the existing rules, it is forbidden and is a gross violation of passengers’ rights. A driver can obtain the fine for such actions.

When you book a taxi, you should state the exact place of arrival. This could be a decisive moment as the access to the old town of Athens or Thessaloniki is quite a complex one.

In Greece, you can see a so-called “tourist police”. It is a specialized service, which controls the activity of service companies. However, if you want to appeal to it, you should speak English and indicate your current telephone number.

Which one to choose: a taxi or a transfer?

A taxi is a speedy means of transport. You can catch it just within a few minutes. If you possess certain knowledge about the area, a taxi will give you a lift at an acceptable price. However, there is also another means of transportation – a transfer. It is a more advantageous option for those travelers who have already planned a trip and look for an opportunity to realize it at the best value.

Another benefit of booking a transfer is a fixed price. It will not change depending on what time of the day or a day of the week you selected to take a trip. Anyway, a transfer is your guarantee of comfort and transportation of bulky luggage.