Lefkada island: how to reach it?

There is no airport in Lefkada, but the island is connected to mainland Greece by a pontoon bridge. There are no direct air and rail connections with Lefkada, so you have to get here by road. Another way to get to Lefkada is by ferry.

The distance from Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Corfu is also by cab or car rental. The nearest airport is the airport of Preveza, Aktion, located 17km from the island and the distance to Lefkada is 45km. You can book a transfer here. High quality cars of different classes are waiting for all customers. Travelers can also take advantage of these benefits of using the transfer service Aktis Taxi:

  • Meeting passengers and assistance in carrying and loading luggage;
  • availability of choice of the desired car class;
  • fixed price when making an order and its invariability;
  • possibility of additional installation of child car seats;
  • twenty-four-hour support.

The trip from Aktion to Lefkada is also possible by bus. Regular flights depart six times a day from Monday to Saturday and twice on Sunday. Those who plan to take the Athens-Lefkada route by bus should prepare for a longer trip. Departure takes place 4 times a day and the fare is up to 45 euros depending on the chosen trip.

It is possible to combine bus travel with ferry travel. So it is most convenient to travel from Europe. Practice ferry crossings and tourists traveling by own or rented car.

Athens - Lefkada trip

The Athens - Lefkada route is about 360 km long and can be reached by several different ways:

By bus - such a trip will take about 5-6 hours and will cost 35 to 55 euros. Usually it's a route with a transfer at Preveza station;
By plane and bus is a faster option. An hour flight from Athens and you are in Aktion. Then you have to take a bus and drive another hour;
By plane and by car. Once you get from Athens by plane to Aktion, then you should follow by car. From Aktion you can either rent a car or book a transfer.

A cab is usually the most attractive option. The cost depends on the distance and the car chosen. Ordering a transfer for a long period and booking online will save even more. How to get from Athens to Lefkada comfortably - definitely by car, especially if the trip is with children or with a lot of luggage.

What is the best option?

According to your preference, it is possible to combine several modes of transport. The most budget option is by bus, but it is the longest. The cost of air travel is much more expensive, but it saves a lot of time and effort. Those who have a driver's license can rent a car. Ordering a transfer is an opportunity to build an independent route with a more independent schedule, as well as a rest on the road, unlike other options. How to get to Lefkada? There are many ways and it all depends on the budget and the amount of time you are willing to devote to the road.