By deciding to go on holidays with children, their parents face a lot of serious nuances, regarding the comfort of the youngsters during the trip. And if the way from home to the airport causes only a few questions, then the search of the most convenient way of getting to the hotel with kids and luggage in a foreign country is a pretty serious issue you have to think of in advance. Why do the majority of parents choose a transfer as their means of transportation to the hotel?

Every country has the means of public transport and taxi service providers. Greece is not an exception. In case when you come with children, a trip by city bus is the least attractive solution. Just imagine: one has to find the nearest stop, discover the number of the necessary bus, put all his suitcases in the bus cabin, place his children with comfort, and repeat the same action in the reverse order upon delivery to the destination. An if it happens that you face a need to wait for the bus or the route from the airport is too long, or you have to take a walk before you can check-in, then the fussy and tired after the flight children will hardly let you admire the sites on the way to the hotel with delight.

Booking an airport transfer is the best way to start a holiday with pleasurable emotions right upon landing. The major advantages of this service are a high grade of organization and forethought to the smallest details. There is no need to seek for a taxi or activate all your English vocabulary to make a driver aware of the destination. Moreover, there is no need to worry whether a driver will try to make the maximum use of you, trying to get more money.

When you book a transfer, you can rest assured about the grade of comfort during a trip, luggage delivery, and many other nuances a transfer company will take care for you.

Booking a vehicle

By deciding to book a transfer, you should come up to the choice of a vehicle with great responsibility. To choose the most appropriate option and reach the destination without any issues, you should fill out all the required data in the booking form: the number of adult passengers and children, age and weight of kids, and the amount of luggage. Based on the given data, the company will select the most optimal vehicle for your family, paying attention to the nuances that make a trip comfortable and safe.

One should not forget about the weather either: the summers in Greece are very hot. That is why you should draw all the chances of your child’s body overheating to a minimum. It’s enough to have a small supply of bottled water and check the availability of an air-conditioner in the car.

Comfort and safety of a child

Every parent understands the importance of safety provision for his child during a trip on the roads and highways without additional explanation. That is why one equips his car with special car safety seats. Upon the choice of the right car seat, a child will feel himself comfortable during the trip, enabling his parents with a possibility to relax after the flight.

There are several types of car safety seats for children. The choice of a model depends on such parameters as the age, height, and weight of a kid. For the toddlers, a driver will offer you a carrycot. Children who have already learned to sit will travel in a seat. The older children will move in special booster chairs.

This option is provided by the carrier by default at no cost. According to European Law, one can transport children in special car seats only. In Greece, the fine for the violation of this rule is €350.

Cleanness is the next to godliness

Among the advantages of a transfer is careful control of both technical condition and cleanness of all vehicles in the car fleet. When you order a vehicle from a transfer company, you can be assured that the cabin is clean, that no foreign objects or odors are present in the car. The availability of dry and wet wipes or a disinfectant is the only thing you will have to take care of by yourself.

What if I need to make a stop

It is not a secret that children cannot remain in the same position for long. If you have a long trip ahead, you should include additional stops into the route apart from the ones for refueling and a cup of coffee. It might occur that you will need to change a diaper to the youngest kid or make short physical warm-up with an older child.

A possibility and a frequency of such stops are the subjects to prior negotiating with a transfer service provider.

Much depends upon a driver

The backbone of a transfer booking service includes both a rigorous vehicle and personnel selection. That is why you do not have to worry that a driver can shout at your child in response to his fussy behavior. As a rule, a transfer vehicle is driven by an experienced person who treats sudden changes in the mood of the youngster and his needs with tolerance. Do not be shy to ask a driver to stop the vehicle, switch off the air-conditioner, or slightly open the window when it is needed.

The same applies to the driving style. Fast driving with rapid maneuvers can lead not only to the break of road traffic regulations and cause the risk for passengers’ lives but also make a child get car sick.

When you book a transfer in Aktis.Taxi, you can rest assured that a driver will strictly follow all traffic rules and pay the greatest attention to the safety of his passengers as well.


A holiday with children includes a much larger number of items, compared to a standard set of an adult traveler. Depending on the age of your child, you might need a stroller or any other transport, a potty, a lot of clothes, toys, and many other little things that will help your child feel comfortable in a new place. Make the carrier company aware that you take a stroller and large suitcases. By doing this, you help the company to find the vehicle, matching all your requirements, that will deliver your luggage and you to the necessary place with comfort.

The organization of a holiday with children always requires additional effort and attentive attitude to the smallest details. By following some basic rules, you will get unforgettable impressions from the joint holiday in the resorts of sunny Greece. Moreover, we are sure that you will want to spend your holidays here again and again.